Remake Of Panzer Dragoon Saga!?

A year ago I heard rumors about a remake of PDS for Xbox. I was so excited and imagined, how wonderful that would be :))
Did anyone else hear this rumor? Wouldn’t that be great? :slight_smile:

@Sega: Do it!

It’s gonna be tought enough to get a PD sequel let alone a remake of Saga.

I’m a remake lover so yeah that would be great!

In fact I thought a remake of PD1 was to be released in PDO’s pandora’s box.It wasn’t :frowning:

A remake of Saga would be nice… it would make PDO make a lot more sense to the PD newbies. And my Saturn version is on it’s way out… :’(

What I heard when SOA asked SOJ to make a remake of PDS years ago they were openly laughed at and then ignored.

In Japan this is one the most offensive things you can do.

Remember in japan PDS is poisounous, they even lost one of the team members during development and went to a shrine for purification.

I guess PDS is so brilliant because contains the very soul of that poor man…

So PDS is similar to “The Scottish Play” in Japan?

Odd. Is it the same with NiGHTS?

Resident Evil.

huh, i don’t get why PDS is so bad in japan? cos someone died durring it being made?

because it didn’t sell at all!

remember: when managers analyse the quality of a game, they see if it sold or not. they don’t anaylse why it sold bad because that would obviously show their own utter failures in marketing…

Yeah, that’s how the minds of japanese businessmen work.

“If it doesn’t sell well, it has to be a bad product.”

You are joking? That’s why they won’t make a re-make of it? Because it didn’t sell? A game that was created in the last breath of the console it was exclusive to didn’t sell, so it won’t be remade!?!?!?!

I must use an image to show my disgust!!!!/Funny%20Pictures/retard.gif

Go, Arcie!!

KFC has a good point Arc. The japanese are not in my favor when it comes to things like this… you’d think they would be a bit wiser.

Unbelievable that a game like PDS did’t sell well. However, if you want it now, you have to pay 100? on ebay :wink:

How ironic, isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s ironic, it’s funny how blind the japanese are when it comes to this.

“Who cares if they West is paying $100 on eBay for Panzer Dragoon Saga… it didn’t sell well when it was in stores, so it has to be awful. Bad marketing and the fact that it was on a dying console means nothing, it’s a bad game, end of discussion.”

I want at least one quote demonstrating that Saga is seen as an awful agme in Japan.

That’s just it… rare is it to find someone that honestly hated the game. If anything, it’s rare to find someone that knew it existed, both in Japan and the US.

It has nothing to do with the Western sales of the game. North America only had 4000 copies made. The game didn’t exactly sell truck loads in Japan.

You can thank that worthless son of a bitch, Bernie Stohler, for the limited release of Panzer Dragoon Saga. He was hell bent on destroying the Saturn from the get-go, and his excuse for releasing such a pitiful amount of Panzer Dragoon Saga copies was “It will satisfy demand”.

Business people are just as bad as braindead politicians.

Oh and Sega has no one to blame other than themselves for Panzer Dragoon Saga (as well as many of their other games) not selling properly. Sega may have the greatest game creators in its arsenal…but it also has the biggest morons in its marketing division. With all the downsizing and liquidating, I find it almost ironic that the morons in the marketing department are still there…as long as they are there, Sega will never get the respect that it so rightly deserves.

Hi. I’m new here. Panzer Dragoon Saga is my number one game of all time. ^.^

Panzer Dragoon Saga needs to be remade. My Saturn is still holding onto life, but I’m not sure how much longer this will go on. More people need to experience this masterpiece. They need to stop yammering on like Final Fantasy is the only way RPGs should be made and see a true innovative game. If many people still don’t get it, fine. But at least it was given a shot and exposed to more of the world. If they knew the Panzer Dragoon franchise sold so poorly, why did they bother releasing a new game back in its shooter format instead of remaking Saga? One would think that the Japanese would be more open-minded than the Americans to taking risks and giving innovative, risk-taking stories a shot. Look at all the animes. It’s not like many of them sell well over here, but many have wonderful stories that are far more innovative than Western themes, and they still continue to ship them over here.

I’m beginning to think that Panzer Dragoon is an even blacker sheep to the video game world than Ecco the Dolphin. Whatever. It’s their loss. I think if Saga should be remade, it should be with updated graphics but not be given that bulgy realistic look that was given Orta.