Relic-Engine description?

After revisiting the Imperial Air Force Post near the end of Disc 3 you will eventually face the boss: Flagship Grig Orig and soon after, the sub-boss: Spectre (Zastava). Now, it’s possible to acquire the item called: Relic-Engine after defeating him, but I’ve never managed to recieve the item.

So, did anyone ever acquire this item after defeating Spectre? If so, could anyone provide me with the description of this item?

This is the only item in the game I’ve never been able to get. I just want to know what its description is so I can add it to my item list found in my PDS guide. Thanks in advance.

I think got it in my first game… I sold it for a lot, as I didn’t know it was dropped by a boss… I don’t think it does anything else really

I would just really like to know the description of this item. Someone has to have it in their item inventory. :anjou_sigh:

I have a feeling that not one person is going to have this item. But, if someone ever gets it by chance, please let me know its descripton. :anjou_sad:

Ehm, I’ll pop in a new battery into my Saturn soon and I’ll see if I still have the item. >.>;;

Okay thanks. :anjou_happy:

You’ll probably be able to find the description in that PDS script I contributed to TWotA a while back; I know I formatted it a bit for readability, but originally it was all copied off the game discs, so all the item descriptions should be there (including at least one description for an item that doesn’t exist in the finished game, from what I remember…)

I’ll see if I can find it. Thanks Lance.

I found it! Thanks for your help. :anjou_happy:

The meat of a predatory beast.
Ascuncion steaks are a delicacy.

Hey Lance, is this the item and description that never appeared in the game? What was the name of this item? In your PDS Script under “menus A”, the descriptions are listed but not the item names.

Also this is strange…

{Descriptions of items that can be sold}

Dummy ??? What item was this?

Single detonation.

Double detonation.

Triple detonation.

Yeah, that’s the one; it would have been called “Ascuncion Meat”. The list of item names should be in that same file with the descriptions, they’re just not next to the descriptions themselves. If I remember correctly the names and descriptions are listed in the same order though, so if you read down the lists you can work out which name goes with which description.

According to a note I made, all of the stuff in that file came from the COMMON.DAT file on the game disc(s).

I’d guess it was literally a “dummy item” (or dummy item description) used for testing purposes. It doesn’t look like there was an item name to go with that description, unless it simply wasn’t translated into English…

Single detonation.

Double detonation.

Triple detonation.[/quote]

Blast Chip
Dual Blast Chip

I wonder if there is any possible way to acquire “Ascuncion Meat” in PDS. Maybe we will find it someday.

I have it, I think I just got a good ranking in the battle by fluke. :anjou_happy:

[quote]The engine of an ancient weapon.
It uses an unknown type of fuel.[/quote]

Does anyone know what it’s for?