Releasedate,price and new pictures

Looks great so far.

It will be released on June 13 and it supports 3 player online meanwhile. Hope to play with your guys.

Very cool. Does anyone know if this is just the Japanese release date, or does it include the release date for other regions?

Never mind, the non-Japanese release date will be later.

It doesn’t seem like Microsoft even showed the game at E3 2012? If find that really odd, as they already had playable demo’s at PAX that were fully localized. Not sure what that means for the release date.

I did not see it at E3

Not sure why ?

Hi everyone,

the japanese release has apparently been delayed until further notice.

Thanks for posting. I’ve shared this on the main page, Facebook, and Twitter.

Even with the delay I still don’t understand why it wasn’t at E3. They already had the demo, it’s not like it couldn’t have been shown there. And the lack of release date is even more surprising. Unless they’re adding controller support, I’m not sure what to think of this.

Unless they’re adding controller support, I’m not sure what to think of this.<<

It is an interesting idea. It certainly seems like they are changing some of the messaging around the title to not have it at E3- that the messaging wasn’t available

OR they just want to make a bigger splash at TGS

Their Kinect showing at E3 was pretty bad from last year- barely felt supported

What’s also interesting is that Yukio Futatsugi was apparently at E3. He even ended up visiting the Art of Video Games exhibition which featured Saga and Zwei:

He also apologized for the delay of Crimson Dragon and asked us to wait for more information from Microsoft.

That’s what’s so odd. They could have shown the game it in its current state just fine. Even adding controller support wouldn’t have required them to pull the game from the presentation. It does seem to point more at some sort of licensing/publishing problem that Microsoft needs to resolve.

By the way, I’m not sure if these have been posted, but here are a bunch of videos with off screen footage from the demo at PAX East:

That is why I agree with you and think there is something new they adding to it (controller support, or something else), as yeah they needed more content at the show and it was already done.

Whatever they are preparing, wasn’t ready yet to discuss, and the old presentation would have messed up that message

UNLESS it is just saving it for TGS- they might have so little for TGS and they thought this would make a bigger splash as news there than stuff seen a a couple of time already

There is a Kinect-related console update set for fall that is supposed to improve responsiveness. The game is likely delayed for that reason.

I sure hope we won’t have to wait that long for the game…

Actually did you see Microsoft cancelled their TGS appearance? so it won;t be showed there either …

This seems the best explanation.

I’m doubtful they will add controller support as this would show that Kinect isn’t sufficient or weak at handling core games. Kind of like if Microsoft allowed Halo to be played with the mouse and keyboard as an option on the Xbox.

Something I haven’t considered is that they may have pulled the game from an XBLA release in favour of a retail release. I hope that’s not the cause though. Recent examples where that went terribly wrong are of course Child of Eden and also Rayman Origins. Those games sold terribly upon release. Crimson Dragon would likely share the same fate.

I agree, Xbox Live Arcade would be preferable. If we look at the quality of XBLA arcade games such as I AM Alive, Crimson Dragon doesn’t seem too advanced for XBLA.