Release date of Panzer Dragoon LCD game?

Does anyone know the release date of the Panzer Dragoon LCD game by Tiger Electronics? I’ve tentitively put before Mini, but after Zwei in the left navigation of the site.

I don’t know the exact date, but it was released in 1997.

Thanks, do you have a source for that?

In the fine print at bottom left corner of the back packaging, it says the game is ©1997. It can be seen on the one posted here on Panzer Dragoon Legacy, and that’s consistent with the ones I’ve run into while collecting. as well as what’s reported on Sega Retro. Unfortunately, the month and day of its release seems to be a mystery…

Alright, thanks. I’ve moved the Tiger game between Mini and Saga. I’m not sure how many people will notice/care, but it’s good to be accurate.

The reason I’ve added the Tiger game to the left navigation is because I’m planning to expand what those links do. Create a kind of portal for each game. So this is a step towards that eventual change.

That sounds great. I’ll look forward to the update. :anjou_happy: