Regarding the Tsunami

I guess it’s only appropriate we have a topic relating to the problems in the middle east just now. Feel free to say how much you gave, your thoughts on the situation, etc.

I donated ?20.

And incidentally, the Die Welt member “an0mnipresence” from Singapore is perfectly fine.

I didn’t donate anything at all until now.May everyone excuse me (including you Arcie) but I find it hypocritical that people don’t donate money during the whole year when people are dying of hunger and other things and yet when a thing such as this happens they do…

I’m currently reading Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything” (fascinating a book I might add : everyone should be reading this if they haven’t already) and I’m actually on the part where earthquakes are talked about.Some of the data concerning quakes found there makes you think just how terrible they can really be…

Tsunamis even worse…

Luckily for me I never ever experienced a quake,not even a small one.

Well, I donate 5 euro to Medics without vacation monthly. >.>;;

And my dad made a donation at work today, although I’ve yet to find out how much.

Felt appropriate.

I do donate money if the matter comes in front of me, but I won’t go out of my way to do it, however nasty that sounds…
School is useful…I must have donated ?20 to Africa through various charities other students have come up with.
All those pound coins I put in added up to something in the end.

Everyone’s a hypocrite.

For me, at least, it feels better to just donate everything you’re going to donate to one place, rather than spreading it around. I don’t claim to know why that is.

Very true I guess. Regardless, I also gave ?20, with the rest of my family also donating.
With me having a job for once I can actuall put it to use. I was also planning to start giving donations to the WWF shortly before the earthquake.

The tsunami also hit Mauritius, but it only flooded one town for a few hours, but everyone had evacuated by then. The Mauritian community was forewarned about 2 days in advance, which makes me wonder how the other countries couldn’t have known in time…

Wasn’t it a faulty warning system or something?

If by faulty you mean nonexistent, then you’re right.

but surely even so, 2 days? Someone could have flown there and warned them…

?76 million has been donated by British public.
Debts are on hold which should save them billions…

$50 to the Red Cross.

I would donate but I have not money.