Re-use of Panzer Dragoon Saga save files

Hello there !

I would like to add saves from the following URL to Pseudo Saturn Kai Save Data Manager :

Save Data Manager is a Saturn application that allows to import saves to Saturn memory devices such as internal memory or cartridge. The advantage over plain save files is that it can be used on real hardware without the need of data conversion, transfer, etc.
There are already many saves for other games, but it’s not possible to add these saves because of copyright :

This document is the copyright property of Lance Way. It may not be reproduced,
in whole or in part, under any circumstances except for personal, private use.
No part of it may be placed on any web site, or otherwise distributed publicly,
without advance written permission from the author. Such use or distribution is
strictly prohibited, and is a violation of copyright.

Save Data Manager is available for free, without any ad or anything similar. That’s just an application for people wanting to play Saturn games, and nothing more.
If exception to this copyright could be added, I would gladly add the saves to Save Data Manager :slight_smile:

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Do you have a link to the application’s project page?

@Solo_Wing : It is a part of Pseudo Saturn Kai project, available here :

Save Data Manager can be loaded with the following steps :

  1. Download Pseudo Saturn Kai latest version → pskai_release_YYYYMMDD.7z
  2. Burn pskai_sdm_flasher.iso to CD-ROM.
  3. Load CD-ROM on a modded Saturn, or with cartridge flashed with Pseudo Saturn Kai

There’s also a page where saves for few games are introduced :

Sorry for all the links above ! I didn’t wanted to do self-advertisement on my first post :slight_smile:

No worries. It looks like an interesting project.

When Lance Way left the community here he gave me permission to maintain his contributions on Panzer Dragoon Legacy. I’m happy for you to distribute Lance’s save files with your app, just please provide credit to Lance and a link back to Panzer Dragoon Legacy. Thanks!

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Thank you very much ! No problems for the links : I will add credits to Lance and in Save Data Manager as well as in my savedata page.
Please keep the good work too ♪

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