Rampage World Tour PS3

While I’m loving the “fine tuned” emulation and online play of Midways PS3 store offerings

Mortal Kombat II and Rampart in particular …

…I’m kind of pissed that an excellent version of Rampage World Tour (the best of the series IMO) is hapmered by a lack of options.

For instance, if you’re using the player one controller, you don’t get to choose which character (George, Lizzy, Ralph) you’d like to use. You’re automatically George the ape.

I mean, come on, what if you want to use one of the other two characters??

Even the NES version of the original Rampage allowed you to pick which character you wanted to use!

If this stems from limitations in the “arcade rom” that Digital Eclipse used, then you should at LEAST be able to set-up which arcade controller you’re using in the options screen…but no, Midway and Digital Eclipse were too damned lazy to give us such an easy option.

Oh well. I guess you get what you pay for.

Still fun.

If you get what you paid for it can’t be much of anything. =D

Well, the GAME is still good.

It’s actually a great emulation of the arcade PCB with really nice online play.

It’s just a simple option that Midway / Digital Eclipse overlooked.

But, yes, for $5 it’s not a HUGE deal, just one that seems almost silly in this day and age to have ignored.