Radiant Silvergun for Xbox Live Arcade

Who here purchased the recently released Radiant Silvergun for Xbox Live Arcade?

Having never owned the expensive Saturn version, the game is new to me. It’s hard, perhaps the most difficult Treasure game I’ve played. But really intense, in that addictive Treasure way. I just wish there was an option to restart from the beginning of the level, rather than the beginning of the game. This game is going to take a while to complete.

The visuals are amazing for a Saturn game. The soundtrack is high quality also. I think I prefer Ikaruga’s simplistic black and white gameplay, but the multiple weapons in Silvergun add lots of variety and strategy so I’m not complaining; the two are quite different games, so it is hard to make comparisons.

Here’s to more Saturn re-releases.

I was actually wondering if you’d tried it out yet Solo. Since I know how much you like Ikaruga.

The Saturn mode (if it’s still called that?) let’s you build up more continues permanently, as well as keep your weapon levels. Honestly I never was very hard core about the game on Saturn, partly because I didn’t understand the scoring back in the day.

Training mode will let you start at a later level if you’re trying to practice. Also, it’s worth noting that 7 hours of arcade mode will unlock unlimited continues for that mode. However, the (bizarre) story bits and several bosses are exclusive to Saturn mode. The final stage in arcade mode takes you straight to fighting Xiga, but there’s several bosses you fight before him in Saturn mode. If you want a lot of lives for story mode, start story mode and pause the game during a stage. The timer will accumulate for story mode, giving you one life per hour.

As far as visuals go, I play the game with High-res and Mesh 1. Alpha+ introduces unnecessary bloom which is distracting, and some of the transparency effects look weird to me, having played the Saturn version so much.

Ikaruga chaining is a neat addition, but I noticed your chains being capped at the 25K range. Original chaining mode goes all the way up to 100K.

ooh nice I only had the chance to test it on emulator so far , i hope it is on psnetwork too x/ I love treasure games, Gunstar and Guardian heroes for genesis and saturn rocked the shit. There are only a few games I have played so often and dedicated. I wish I didnt brake the cd by accident back in the days :anjou_sad:

Part of me wants to buy this just for the English translation of the story… but I have the Saturn version so I’m holding off.

It really is a hard game. I’m not so great at it, but it’s lots of fun regardless.

Oh yes. :anjou_happy:

Sounds very similar to Ikaruga’s continue system. Which is a good thing; even after many playthroughs I still usually use 9+ continues.

I believe this release is exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade, at least for now.

Did the Ebay price of the original drop now? >:)

It doesn’t appear to have dropped in price:
ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R4 … +silvergun

US$174.95… ouch. The NZ$20 (about US$15) I paid for it on Xbox Live Arcade was a steal in comparison.

Now more people can enjoy it, so that’s a good thing for gaming anyway. I am a master at stating the obvious.

I agree. Less reason for gamers to pirate it too. Hopefully Treasure are now making some money off the game; they wouldn’t have received a cent from those copies on eBay in recent years.

That’s pretty much what I was going to say. I generally enjoy Treasure games and this is classic Treasure.