Radgam the True 4th Dragon Rider Theory

Radgam the True 4th Dragon Rider Theory

By Jeremy Prusak

If you look at the many dragon riders, Lundi, the Sky Rider, Kyle, and Edge, from each Panzer Dragoon game, they have all acquired and used an ancient age gun on their adventures with the dragon. This aspect of the Panzer Dragoon Series brings us to the hunter Radgam in the Town of Zoah. When you visit his house in the Liberal District, you will find an ancient age gun on a shrine, similar to the one all of the previous dragon riders used. Since every Dragon Rider possessed an ancient age gun on their journey with the dragon, could Radgam himself be the true 4th dragon rider?

(There’s a gun on the shrine. A blessed gun for a good hunt?)

(It’s broken now, but was a powerful weapon a long time ago.)

Don’t touch that!

I… I’m sorry.
It’s such a rare gun, so…

Oh, you can tell, eh?
This is no decoration!
It’s a shrine for my fallen comrades.
We fought in countless battles…
They were all killed by the monsters,
leaving me, and one other…

Could this imply that Radgam and his comrades were once on an adventure with the dragon, fighting countless battles with ancient age monsters, just like edge, Gash and Azel?

The Guardian Fire protects Zoah.
Its power keeps the monsters at bay.
The people are safe as long as they
stay in the city.
Hey, rookie, do you believe that the
hunters serve a greater purpose?

Yeah, I can feel it.
Everyone has their own destiny.
That’s why I travel, and that’s
why I fight.

Did Radgam have a greater purpose, a journey with the dragon? Did he once stop an ancient creation from destroying the world in an unknown adventure?

It’s not a good idea to get
involved with seekers, boy.

Was Radgam once a Seeker? Could Seekers including Gashe?s mentor Lundi, have aided him in his journey with their vast knowledge of the Ancient Age, resulting in a tragedy?

You should see the world
while you’re young.
You have great potential.
Don’t let it go to waste.

Good advice to someone who potentially had a great adventure with the dragon. He most certainly would have seen many things in his adventures and would have experienced many battles. It is very possible that his adventure could have taken place just after Panzer Dragoon (Imperial year 90 A.F.- 99 A. F.) and ended just before PDS started. An adventure in a different location than the places in the Panzer Dragoon universe we have already seen. We will never truly know if Radgam was a dragon rider, but his possession of an ancient age gun just has to make you wonder?. Was he the true 4th dragon rider?

Yeah, it’s been talked about before, some people speculated he’s Lundi (but I think by now it’s been “decided” he’s not)
Still, if the gun is a shrine to his fallen comrades and if he and one other were left alive then maybe that “one other” guy was the dragon rider (and maybe even Lundi as well!)

That “other guy” was Aldo from Zoah.And actually Al3x the general idea was that he was Kyle not Lundi.I don’t mean no one believed he was lundi but I’m just pointing out what we discussed for so long.

The “one other” left alive was a man called Aldo. He gave up his hunting ways, and settled in the Liberal District. Radgam thought of him as a coward because of this, but he wasn’t prepared to risk his neck any longer.

The theory isn’t bad, although there’s little to base it on, but it’s an interesting thought nonetheless. The only problem I can see with it is, if Radgam was a dragon rider between PD1 and PDS, why didn’t he show up in Sestren’s Memory Orbs? Surely him being a dragon rider would have made the event important enough to show up in those orbs?

I think there’s a chance that Radgam and Kyle were the same person (Radgam has a very similar gun after all) but who knows…

Whoops, sorry I missed your post Gehn. Yeah, basically what Gehn said…

unless radgam just took lagi down to the liquor store instead of destroying a tower!


I’m not even sure about Radgam being Kyle anymore. Still, what we do know is that those ancient hand-held weapons are extremely rare, which forces us to wonder where Radgam found his.

I could’ve sworn that Radgam’s gun was identical to the gun the Sky Rider wielded, but they aren’t the same (unless Radgam’s gun more closely resembles the Sky Rider’s gun in PD Saga’s normal Saturn resolution). Kyle also loses his gun at the end of Panzer Dragoon, assuming the ending can be trusted.

Maybe Radgam didn’t show up in Sestrens memory orbs because Team Andraomeda just wanted us to sit and ponder about another mystery we are never going to truly know or understand. :anjou_disappointment:

Radgam the True 4th Dragon Rider. His adventure with destiny is a mystery…wait lets ask Aldo, he will tell us about Radgam and his journey with the dragon. :anjou_happy:

Radgam the True 4th Dragon Rider. His adventure with destiny is a mystery…wait lets ask Aldo, he will tell us about Radgam and his journey with the dragon. :anjou_happy:

Ok sorry just go here to see the pic of Radgam I was trying to post…copy and paste www.panzerdragoonsaga.0catch.com/Theory6.html :anjou_sigh:

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I’m pretty sure Radgam isn’t Kyle since his death wasn’t very dramatic and he wasn’t a very omniscient character.I mean if they were to put a dragon rider in the game I’m sure they would give him a more mystique touch.

Things like Radgam getting Edge was a dragon rider just by looking at him …

Radgam the True 4th Dragon Rider. His adventure with destiny is a mystery…wait lets ask Aldo, he will tell us about Radgam and his journey with the dragon. :anjou_happy: [/quote]

Here it is :anjou_happy: [/quote]

Yikes, spammage! :anjou_wow:

Anyway, I do think it’s an interesting idea, but I have my reservations about its likeliness.

Having said that, it is an original idea, and yet another one to make me think about the Panzer Dragoon games’ confusing storylines and get really very confused! :anjou_embarassed:

Yeah, I have never seen so many theories conceived for a game. Panzer Dragoon’s world is so mysterious in that we still really don’t know too much about it. And the things we do know, stretch out into more confusing knowledge and mystery.