1. At the end of Saga, the Heresy Program was ejected from Lagi. However, in Orta, he still seems intent on breaking the Ancients’ rule of the Panzer world. Why is this?

  2. Why did Lagi save Orta? You would think he would kill Orta, seeing as she’s a drone. (Half-and-half, but still.) Or am I missing the point? :anjou_embarassed:

  3. What do you think happened to Orta after Orta?

  1. He’s not against the Ancients, he’s simply watching over Orta. After all, the ancients have nothing remaining on the world (all Towers deactivated, Sestren as well, etc), this time it was basically against Abadd alone. And the Empire of course.

  2. Eh why kill her? Did he kill Azel? He saves Orta because he’s asked by the Heresy Program to “watch over their friends” possibly meaning Azel, therefor later including Orta since she is Azel’s offspring… Of course he’d probably do it anyway even if the Heresy Program hadn’t asked Lagi to do so since they are also his “friends” and noone needs to tell anyone else to take care of persons close to them.

  3. She became one of mobo’s wives and gave birth to many green-with-white-spots babies. Or not…