Questions for the publisher of Panzer Dragoon: Remake

If you have any questions for Forever Entertainment about the development of the remake, post them here. We are planning to do another Q&A soon. The previous interview can be found here.

Would you like to see Orta’s story continued in a new game?


I would like to ask them if they struggled with balancing lighter and darker colors with the graphics of the remake.

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I can include your questions @Geoffrey (although I might rephrase the Orta question to be a bit more general purpose).

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It’s ok. Only include the second one if you do. I am actually quite curious about that. Personally I would want to move away from bright colors to something more realistic and believable. Orta’s graphics were leaning a bit towards the cartoony graphics we see in Skies of Arcadia. By Orta I meant the actual character as well.

My question:

If Panzer Dragoon Zwei remake does well do you plan on remaking Panzer Dragoon Saga?


My question:
How well did you expect the game to sell?

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What do you think you’ve learned the most from working on this project that will factor into Zwei’s development?

Do you feel satisfied with Unity as a game engine?

What do you anticipate will be your biggest challenges going forward with Zwei?

Are you happy with the game’s reception? If you had more time to work on the first game, would you change anything?

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@danmaku Sorry, I have just sent the questions to Forever, so we won’t be able to include your ones. But I have asked some questions about Zwei and the game’s reception.

Don’t worry, thanks. Looking forward to the interview.

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The answers have arrived.

Unfortunately they weren’t able to answer most of the questions raised here, so I’ve left those ones out. But you may find some of the other answers interesting. I think you’ll like the final question @Geoffrey.