Question regarding the towers' purposes

So I just made it to disk 4 on PDS and let me first say that this is an amazing game and I’m a bit mad at myself for waiting almost a decade to play it. With that said, I have a couple questions regarding the towers and their purposes…

So… During the talk with Gash at the seekers stronghold, he tells Edge that the world is being run by the will of the ancients by means of the Tower. The tower controls the environment as well as the human population, having the ability to degenerate and regenerate life at will. To maintain the human population within reason the tower produces the monsters. Here’s the first question, Crayman said earlier that the monsters are there to protect the humans… Now I interpreted this in a couple of ways:

  1. He meant that the monsters protect humans by controlling their numbers (that is to say, kill them) prevent overpopulated considering that if would lead to numerous problems; disease, lack of resources to survive, etc., etc.

  2. or he meant they protect them by killing them so that war can not persist…

However I don’t know if those are correct…

Onto the second question… At some point, I heard or read via a letter/diary entry that the towers were not working as efficiently as they use to… If this is true, does that explain why the world is hardly habitable? That is to say, the land masses in PDS are ones in which are rough and barren due to the extreme winds and scorched by the relentless sun. Is the world like this because the towers are not operating at their optimal level? Also, if they are not working as effectively as they had in the past, would that explain how war has been able to exist (the empire/craymen conflict)?

Onto the third question… Azel is the key to activating or deactivating the Towers. Her sole purpose for being made was to basically control the tower. So when Craymen gets shot by the Emperor, she looses control of herself and awakens the Tower. From there, giant monsters are released from the Tower… So upon awakening the Tower, a whole swarm of ancient monsters were released… NOW, here’s where I’m confused. Are the Towers constantly working (producing monsters, maintaining environmental constructs) at a very low level and then once awakened their true and full power is unleashed? Or are the towers constantly sleeping, and only perform their purposes (maintaining, regenerating, etc.) once awakened, and if that’s the case why do the Seeker’s want to break free of the ‘will’ of the Ancients if in fact the towers aren’t ever working until someone awakens them?

I hope these questions (the last one in particular) are clear and concise because I want to continue on with the game but not until I understand the purpose and details of the Towers (mind you, this is the first Panzer Dragoon game I’ve played, so I know nothing about the Towers or the PD world). I thought about searching on the actual website for the answers to my questions however I was afraid I would find a spoiler or read something I wasn’t suppose to and ruin the whole experience. So with that said, thanks for your guys’ time.

First I think you should finish the game anyway… I believe having your questions answered could only detract from the experience. Those questions have been asked in different ways, and are continually being debated even by those of us who’ve played every game from the beginning and who know most everything else there is to (officially) know about them.

The other thing is that there’s very little actual info from the first two games, if you play them first they enhance the experience of Azel greatly, but they don’t add many tangible facts. You know about as much as anyone else who ever played PDS, just enjoy it. Trust me, you’ll get several differing viewpoints in response to this topic anyway, the games are very open to interpretation.