Question about SEGA

I?ve been wondering, besides WoW, Sonic Team and Sega Studios, how many in house development studios does SEGA still have?

The amount of SEGA IP?s and new IP?s beeing developed by external studios baffles me as well as the fact SEGA is more and more, apparently, taking the role of a publisher only.

Also, since we are on this, do you think SEGA will buy Platinum games at some point in the future, or at least show interest in it?

There’s “Studio Yakuza”, or whatever Nagoshi’s studio is called now. As for any other studios, I have no idea.

It makes sense to be honest, the Japanese games industry is still going downhill. There are very little AAA games being developed in Japan that are actually targeted at the Western market.

As for Platinum Studios, I think Bayonetta and Vanquish were one of the best selling games for Sega outside of Japan (even if the sales weren’t amazing). So it would make sense for Sega to look into acquiring them. Although I don’t expect Anarchy Reigns to have the same success, as the game is really flying under the radar at the moment (much like Binary Domain).