Quest of D by AM2 -?

Anyone know what it is?
I think I spotted a screenshot of it somewhere (I think it was sega of japan’s site) and it looked like an action adventure or rpg since I remember it had an RPG-ish inventory screen n stuff…

It’s too bad I can’t read Japanese.

I’m downloading the video now. I hope it’s good.

I think it’s an arcade online co-op light rpg-ish game using a touch screen to replace the mouse functions of pc rpgs and includes other features like online auctions of game items…

Either that or babelfish does a REALLY bad job at translating and I have it all wrong :slight_smile:

I think it’s an arcade card game, with adventure elements.

I think.

I guess I got it all wrong then ? :slight_smile:

/me slaps babelfish around a bit with a “KING OF ROUTE 66” arcade cabinet :stuck_out_tongue:

That sounds pretty cool. I hope it comes the the US, it could be the next “Gauntlet”.

They sure seem to walk a lot.