Q about PD zwei ost and PD ova & its OST

Panzer Dragoon Zwei Original Arrange Album Alternative Elements
on this web
the list is:

but my friend give me a copy.
its list is
01 - Main Theme.mp3
02 - Destiny Begins.mp3
03 - The Great Canyon.mp3
04 - The Empire.mp3
05 - Flight.mp3
06 - Forbidden Forest.mp3
07 - Ruins.mp3
08 - Water Dragon.mp3
09 - Sea of Ice.mp3
10 - Duel.mp3
11 - The Expected Enemy.mp3
12 - Epilogue.mp3

which list is right? :anjou_wow:

i have a MV of PD OVA.

but i have never watched it…

Is this its OST list?
[01]The Last Fingt of Panzer
[03]Battle More Battle
[04]Memories of Kyle
[05]Gentle Fly
[06]Flying at The Sea
[07]Dargoon Fly
[08]Running Enemy
[09]Tears of The Panzer Dargoon

how can i get or buy the PD OVA and its OST?
i’m in china. it’s hard to find it, and i can’t find it on Amazon.
ebay is not safe.
i have bought a PD Saga CD from ebay, and the seller give me two CDR discs. :anjou_sad: faint

Those are just different translations of the Japanese titles.

A friend of mine had translated the Panzer Dragoon Zwei OST years ago, and the second set is the one I had submitted to the CDDB quite awhile back. Though it’s worth noting that “The Expected Enemy” was apparently a mistranslation, and the first set is correct in it being “The Unexpected Enemy”, which given what happens in the game, makes more sense.

I had wondered about that. Thanks, Parn!

Although I do find it hard to tag Japanese albums, because there are so many varying translations floating around (and probably no “definitive” translation in any case). I guess it’s just a case of choosing one and using that.