Puzzle Quest


Think of it as a Fire Emblem style game except combat unfolds in bejewelled-esque puzzle matches between the conflicting units.

I’m loving the PC demo. Great concept, great implementation, great presentation. The story isn’t quite of Fire Emblem standards (so far) but it’s certainly fun enough.

I should get this for my PSP (DS version also available, PC full version not released for now) to finally get some use out of it. Great great game!

I played the PC demo as well and loved it.

Some of the fights are difficult and you really have to plan your moves out ahead of time or you’ll be crushed with a combo that never ends by the computer.

Apparently there is a 360 version planned for the Fall/Winter and the PC version should be out near the summer. I’m assuming the 360 version will just be a Live Arcade download now that they’ve increased the size limit to 150mb.

I’ll be waiting for one of those versions, since I do prefer the larger screen and multiplayer availability.

You guys are missing out if you don’t try this… I’ve never enjoyed puzzle games for more than a minute but the addition of all the strategy and RPG aspects really makes it more than worthwhile. It’s just a shame the demo doesn’t allow you to get over level 7 so you remain with the first limited skills which probably does make some fights harder than they should be. Oh well, it’s a demo. I can’t wait for the full PC version - I decided the larger view is best too, while I read there’s a bug with the PSP version and the developers of the game apparently don’t get a dime from its sales as a different company did the ports for a different publisher.

I’ve downloaded the demo and will be trying this game when I get some spare time.

I tried 3 different shops over the weekend, and nobody had it. Even so, I’m debating whether or not to get it for PSP or DS. The PSP version looks much better and potentially easier to play (due to the fact that the puzzle pieces look larger). But the PSP version also has that annoying bug that prevents party members from using their abilities… Decisions, decisions.

Man, Abadd - you’re a really intelligent guy…but seriously, this isn’t the 80s anymore. Download the game already - both the PSP and DS versions can found rather easily. Oh, but I forgot , you’re Mr. Righteous when it comes to these things.

One way or another, you will eventually join the dark side, whether you want to or not.

Why the fuck do you have to turn every irrelevant topic about piracy? Grow up.

It’s because of phrases like: “I went to three stores and no one had any” that make me bring it up. As I said, this isn’t the 80s anymore (a time in which one had NO CHOICE but to go to the store and buy whatever ripoff game was available at the time). Today, however, we will live in age where you can get all software for free; only those who continue to live in the past are those who ever so stubbornly continue to pay for their virtually worthless games at the ‘store’.

If anyone needs to grow up, it’s people who fall under that category.

Fucking attention seeker. Solo or any other moderator can you at the very least please split the topic if he REALLY wants to discuss the same bullshit again?

Abadd: Actually, the DS version controls much better according to most people, only a small minority have an issue with that. With that said, I think it also comes with bugs, though less important to the PSP version’s. But it has a downgraded sound track. Maybe you should wait for the PC version also, that should be of more support to the developers… Plus, it will have online multi player.

Kadamose - I highly doubt my position will change on the subject, as it already changed once to what it is now.

Al3xand3r - I’m actually worried that it won’t make it to the PC, simply because a game like that doesn’t sell well. Besides, I was planning on picking it up to keep myself entertained while I’m in Japan for 2 weeks starting next Tuesday. My fiance has commandeered my copy of Phoenix Wright 2 (haven’t even had a chance to play it yet…), and I’m just about done with Afterburner: Black Falcon. The Sega Genesis Collection is fun in short bursts (I’m already frustrated with Phantasy Star 2), but I don’t have anything that can keep me entertained for long stretches on the plane, on the trains, and while chilling at my grandma’s house.

I haven’t hit any large shops (only Gamestop so far, simply because I happened to come across 3 different ones over the weekend), but maybe I’ll hit up Best Buy or whatever on the way home.

If you recall, the dark side lost at the end of Episode VI!

Well they could easily release it online for the PC platform, it would get pretty good sales with all the buzz and great reviews it got so far. Though a couple of major publications apparently rated it as a shit title. They suck. For added exposure they could try to also sell it via Steam like Introversion’s titles, I’m sure Valve would be up for it but I don’t know the terms they enforce on developers. They can’t be that bad though, if Introversion put out all their titles on it after Darwinia even though they continue to sell them online from their own site as well.

[quote=“Abadd”]Kadamose - I highly doubt my position will change on the subject, as it already changed once to what it is now.

That only means one thing: you’re a capitalist. Capitalism is the scourge of this planet, Abadd; in time, you will realize this. Until that time, continue to enjoy your miserable existence in a world that values ‘manufactured scarcity’.

So you’re saying you’re the Emperor?

No, I’m basically saying I am the ‘god’ of my own reality - how stupid people found their way into it, I have no idea – but I’ll weed them out, eventually. (Weapons that can kill a person based on a specific genotype will definitely come in handy. Say goodbye to 90% of the human race – and rejoice)

Half the time I think you’re kidding, the majority of the things you say is probably for some sort of shock factor, and like Al3xand3r said: attention. I can’t imagine someone actually believing what you say, and if you truly do, well you have greater problems than I thought.

As for Puzzle Quest, I was under the impression that is started out as a PC title and then development switched to the hand held market. I have no doubt that it will be released on the PC eventually, especially with the established Bejeweled crowd and all, even if they may be what one would call “casual” gamers.

[quote=“Felix”]Half the time I think you’re kidding, the majority of the things you say is probably for some sort of shock factor, and like Al3xand3r said: attention. I can’t imagine someone actually believing what you say, and if you truly do, well you have greater problems than I thought.

If I didn’t mean what I say, I wouldn’t say it. I’ve been called insane, crazy, paranoid and eccentric - but those just are just side effects of genius. There is no such thing as genius without a hint of madness.

And fucking decide how everyone’s going to die already. One moment it’s the poles shift you’ve predicted the next it’s you and your biological weapons. I guess in the next discussion you’ll be claiming you’ll purify the world with the power of the dragon or something like that. Please, stick with one prediction/action so that you can at least be faithful to your delusions, if not to the rest people who see you for what you really are (and see much better than you think) anyway. Again, topic split anyone? Please? Name the new one “kadamose’s random rant about piracy and his hitler-esque ambitions” so that people can easily avoid it and chose to see it when they get bored or whatever.

Al3xand3r does have a point - lets try to keep this topic focused on Puzzle Quest from here on, thanks.

That does happen on occasion, but 99% of the time (that’s a scientific fact… ehem :anjou_embarassed: ), it ends up garnering a hardcore following on the order of <10K. Stuff like Steam helps it get a little more exposure, and hopefully that would be enough for them to at least break even, but who knows what the dev cost was (I’m going to guess around $1M~$1.5M). So, let’s assume a PC port would cost about $250K (rough guess). For them to not lose money on it, they would have to sell just over 10K* units (that’s assuming a price point of $29 at retail, which would be a tough sell unless they polished it up more for the PC). So, not imposisble, but they stand little chance of making a profit.

*Note: That also does not include cost of goods, marketing costs, royalties, etc…