Puzzle Game anyone?

I am curently making a puzzle game called Mazing Blox, it is about 70% complete. I would really like any input you guys have and any good level ideas.

If you are willing to play the current state of it (16/30 levels) PM me with your email address and i’ll send it to you. I would put it up on the free webspace I have but the bandwidth is super low.


Screenshots - (Take a while to load, even though they are small)

http://www.freewebs.com/fmalinkevich/Title.png - Title Screen
http://www.freewebs.com/fmalinkevich/Easy1.png - Level 1

I love puzzle games =)
I’d be happy to help

They are bitmaps, save as something else, such as png’s

It looks good. I’m not too good at these kind of games, but I’d be happy to help out if I can as well.

Yeah I saved them as PNG’s now so they load a ton faster.

http://www.freewebs.com/fmalinkevich/Title.png - Title Screen
http://www.freewebs.com/fmalinkevich/Easy1.png - Level 1

I just tried it. The game is pretty good, I must say. I’m up to level 2 on Hard… is there any way to pass it or is it still work in progress?

A few things that I think might be worthwhile adding:

A windowed mode.
Some backgrounds, rather than just plain white. Maybe even give it a Panzer theme :anjou_love:
A save or password feature, so that you can restart straight from the level that you’re on.

If I can think of any good puzzle ideas, I’ll post them here.

By the way, what language/development environment did you use to make the game, Felix?

All levels should be possible. Are you sure you are on Hard level 2, because so far I only made levels up to hard level 1. Once you beat that level it should just pop up some error message :anjou_embarassed: .

From my friends that played it they did say that Tricky Level 2 was the hardest, but I am sure all levels are possible. Hard level 1 is the one where you first see the cannon type thing.

To create that game I just used a program called Game Maker (Original huh?)


By itself the program is pretty good for simple 2D games, and is even able to do 3D through the in game language which is basically a stripped down version of C . Collision detection is suspect at best though, and I tried playing around with the 3D aspect of it and it is quite weak. The program is primarily intended for 2D games.

I am glad you liked the game Solo and thanks for the ideas! :anjou_happy: .

Eventually my goal is to make a nice physics based puzzle game a lot like this but a little bit more in depth. Thats why I started see what 3D functions Game Maker was capable of and found out it is definitely not the road to follow much longer.

Right now though I am making slow but steady progress working with the Irrlicht Engine and Newton Game Dynamics using a great work in progress environment called Dev C++, you should check it out if interested.


Sorry for the long post but thanks for the feedback, background art is really not my forte, if you have any cool Panzer type themes or other that would fit I would love to see them and put them in!