Psp tv out device!

PSP: Coming to a TV near you soon! … o/Pic1.jpg … o/Pic2.jpg … o/Pic3.jpg … o/Pic4.jpg … o/Pic5.jpg … o/Pic6.jpg

It looks like this is very similar, if not exactly like the GBA TV OUT DEVICE that was created by Innovation a few years back.

All signs point to users having to open up their PSP to install some hardware (just like the GBA version), but the makers claim that it will be solder free.

Now, being able to play PSP games and watch UMD movies (which retain full DVD resolution) on a TV seems like a cool enough idea to make this device worth buying, but being able to use a PS2 controller adds a whole other dimension to the coolness.

Meh… Seen it, not interested and it will cost like $100… I’d only buy something like this if it was a simple cable type deal, not such a bulky device that costs so much… Also not interested in using a PS2 pad, mainly because I don’t have one and wouldn’t buy one to play PSP games…

And um, are you sure umd movies retain full DVD resolution? The PSP’s screen is 480x272, what resolution is usually a DVD movie in?

The games will probably look like PS1 or so games, especially if you have a high quality tv.

I wouldn’t mind that myself but, yeah, this seems just too much to me, if it was a simple cable I’d give it a shot, it wouldn’t be a bad idea…

I agree, if it waws a cable only i would be more interested. The widescreen aspect of the games would become useless unless you are playing on a widescreen TV or set it up so it doesn’t get squished to fit the tv size.

And there is no way UMD has DVD quality, they don’t need to, and they really can’t since the UMD just doesn’t have enough space on it.

I guess it would be fun to play Lumines on a large TV, but I guess i’ll just wait till a simple cable of sorts get made, if ever.

I for one am excited about giving this item for a spin! It would be a cool accessory to have. Do you happen to know who is releasing this bad boy?

DVD resolution is 720x480 for standard.