PSP Dead Pixels Fix

[quote]Most people have been complaining to Sony about their stuck and dead pixels. Well I have done my research and I heard about a guy over at that had a LCD TV that had some stuck pixels and when he went to Best-Buy they gave him a dvd that flashed Red, Green and Blue over and over again. This supposedly “un-sticks” the stuck pixels, by calling them to do rapid changes (To my understanding). So I thought about it for a while, and I said, what the heck, I’ll try it. So I made my own video that does this, and it works!

Admin edit: Several forums users have reported success with this video, though several have reported failures. You don’t have much to lose, so just give it a shot and let us know your results.

So far, it has worked around 60% of the time. I tried it on my friend’s that had 6 stuck pixels, and it fixed them all. The only real thing you can do is set the video to repeat and leave it on for a few hours. In Version 2.0, I have added a white screen and a black screen, so you can periodically check to see if your pixels have been fixed. This video works with all versions of the PSP, from 1.00 to 1.52; good luck with it to all of you.[/quote]

I haven’t tried this myself, as I don’t have a PSP yet, but it looks like this may be a solution for those who have been getting dead pixels on their PSP screen.

This is a fix for “stuck pixels,” not to be confused with “dead pixels.”

Stuck pixels are pixels that are stuck on one color. Dead pixels are pixels that simply don’t work.

I used a stuck pixel fixer video on my PSP for a few hours with no luck. I only have two small green ones in the upper right corner.

They’re only viewable when the screen shows solid deep black.

I’ve heard of some success stories on various PSP sites…so, who knows.