PSO Blue Burst

is anyone else here playing PSO Blue Burst? the beta started on may 10th. it only lasts till june 9th before going P2P I believe. I know most are probably just waiting for PSU, but I dont own a PS2 and doubt my PC could handle it so I probably wont be playing that.

ah I love PSO, havent played it since the dreamcast version. its so good to be back. :smiley:
the beta has a bit of a problem with languages unfortunatly. you will have to have an asian language pack installed on your computer. otherwise you cant type for some odd reason. I’m hoping that will be fixed soon.

if anyone wants a game, my characters are called Arion (RAmar) and Ramirez (FOmar).

Heh, I downloaded it on launch day. Couldn’t type in my username and password, so I had to mess with my regional settings in the control panel. Strike 1. I then proceeded to patch my client, and ran into issues there. Strike 2. When I finally got into the game, when standing under shadows from the trees in Forest 1, my character had numerous white textures and outlines flickering in my hair. Strike 3.

This is a “Beta”, but considering Phantasy Star Online is over 4 years old, has been on PC for over 2 years, and has already been fully tested for the Japanese, this stuff is just a bit absurd if you ask me. There is no excuse for graphical glitches with this old game anymore, among the other problems. Leveling down because of certain team names? Seriously, that’s really bad. I promptly uninstalled the game.

And on a side note, the installer ruined Rune’s Windows installation. I consider that strike 4, even though the game’s already off my hard drive.

Wow, I haven’t heard of it. I’m downloading it now. :anjou_happy:

It’s like injecting Nostalgia into my veins…
Though it does act kinda funny on laptops (like mine), dammit.

I cant wait untill episodes 2 and 4 are made available. they probably will make us wait till after the beta is over. which isnt all that long anyway I suppose. we dont even get to play on harder difficulties yet. I’m still enjoying it though.

oh I made a Pushen mag a few nights ago. :smiley:

Yeah, PSOBB crashed my computer so badly the registry was damaged and I had to use the recovery console to get it to boot up to the desktop again. I’m still not back on my original machine since I’m busy with E3 and I now intend to reformat the whole sucker (after I finishing backing everything up). I might have played for a short while otherwise, since I still have a soft spot for PSO and I have friends who are playing, but I can’t risk reinstalling it for another try. That’s just asking for trouble.

yikes, thats bad. I’ve heard of alot of problems, but nothing like that. o.o;

for anyone that has gotten it working, they added the Maximum Attack quest (under the name of AOL Cup (sponsored by AOL, eww) and are giving prizes for people that get the highest points from it. in particular the team (guild) whos members have the highest combined points will get a special wallpaper made up of their characters, which sounds pretty cool.

they also included the quest Sunset Base, which was only ever on the original japanese Dreamcast version (never got translated till now). you can recieve mag cell 502 during this quest if you know what to do, I got mine. :smiley: