PS2 *shivers* quality *shivers* games

Okay so I bought’the devil’s console last week and I already have two games.Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution and Resident Evil 4 which are both awesome games.

So now I’m looking for other games worth my time.I already decided on buiying Ico (when I can find it) but I would like you guys to give me your sugestions on what games released on the devil’s console I shouldn’t miss…

Two Solid Thumbs Up:

Guitar Hero
Shadow of the Colossus
Guitaroo Man
God of War
Gran Turismo
Jak & Daxter
Ratchet & Clank
Sly Cooper 2

One Shaky Thumb Up with reservations:

Devil May Cry (the first one)

Games to Look Forward To:

God of War 2
Guitar Hero 2

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

PSOne titles:
Final Fantasy Tactics
Castlevania: Symhpony of the Night

PS2 titles:
Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence (the re-release with extra features)
Shadow of the Colossus
Katamari Damacy
Viewtiful Joe
Beyond Good & Evil
God of War
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Can’t think of anything else atm. And of course some of the above are multi-platform titles much like Resi 4 so ignore them if you’ve played them on other systems.

Gah! Can’t believe I forgot Katamari!

I highly recommend playing Prince of Persia on Xbox instead (same with any multi-platform title). Simply looks and plays better in most cases.

Well yeah (and I forgot to mention this) I’m only looking for PS2 exclusives.

Some of these are going ot be repeats of games Abadd and Al3xand3r have recommended, which is purely to highlight how worthwhile those games are -


Shadow of the Colossus
Phantom Brave
Metal Gear Solid 3
Devil May Cry 3 (enjoyed it more than any other out of the series by far)
Dragon Quest 8
Tekken 5
Gran Turismo 4
Gradius 5
Katamari Damacy/We Love Katamari
Guitar Hero

Recommended games due a US release “soon” -

Final Fantasy 12
Persona 3

Welcome to “THE OTHER SIDE”… Hope you’re enjoying your new console! :anjou_love:

I thought about getting DMC3 and even tho the story might not be it’s forte I don’t like buying sequels without playing the originals (for story purposes)…But i heard it’s a prequel to DMC1 is that right?

Also let me stress out how difficult its to find Ico.I’ve been to 4 shops which all have Shadow of the Colossus but none of them have Ico…(Btw SotC is suposed to be a prequel too right from what I heard.Would I be better off playing it before the original?)

As far as I know their stories aren’t connected in any way. Nor is the gameplay. It’s simply the same development team and both games try to be unique. It’s weird you can’t find ICO as it was re-released when SotC was released. It should also be in the platinum (or whatever they call 'em these days) series.

There is a link between ICO and SotC but it only makes itself apparent in the ending to the latter, and is really just an “Ahh, so that’s how it happened” moment than anything else.

It’s a similar situation with DMC 3, except DMC 3 has a lot of information pertaining to something that isn’t really focused on in the first DMC game.

Not entirely correct, Al3x. I don’t want to ruin any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t played all the way through both, but they are connected.

Play Ico first. It will drastically increase the impact of SotC.

Oh, and I can’t believe I forgot one more game… REZ!!!

/good luck finding it, though…

Sky Odyssey

But prolly only if you know you like genuine flight control games. It’s first gen and looks kinda crappy but it’s still my fave PS2 game ever. Then again my tastes are peculiar…

If you find it at all it should be really cheap though.

Must Buys in my eye’s are .

God Of War (Game of 2005 for me).

Gradius V - The best Shooter in years.

IBARA- RAIZING boys do it again.

RYGAR - Nice enough and now costs next to nothing.

Grandia III- Stunning RPG

ICO- Magic from Sony very own Team Andromeda studio ;).

Shadow of the Colossus - More pure magic and what a soundtrack.

Guitar Hero - Best music game this side of Samba.

DMC (never liked parts II or III) .

Jak & Daxter II.

Katamari Damacy - Pure madness .

Some worth looking at

R-Type Final - Get crap towards the end , but the 1st couple of levels are ace, as is the eerie music and levels.

Flipnic - Nice bit of fun.

Fantavsion - Worth a look.

Shinobi - Worth a look onthe cheap.

Blood Will Tell - I quite liked it .

Stunman - Got a ton of bugs and loads of trouble with loading times, But is fun when you get into it.

I just ordered a ps2 today myself.
having seen shadow of the colossus and anticipating Okami just broke my neck…ah yeah ,and the recently reduced ps2 price made the whole idea even more appealing.

A question to the people having played both ICO and SotC…
i only ordered SotC for the moment and intend to buy ICO later…just “how” bad is it when someone plays SotC first?

SotC , Ico, Rez , Katamari , God of War (1-2) , Viewtiful Joe 2 ,Okami ,
here i come.

PS2 and game just arrived and i just killed the first colossus…
i’m speechless…very special game , unlike anything i’ve ever played before…
can’t say more for the moment ^^

My friend summarized SotC perfect: “It may not be the most fun game you’ve ever played, but it will make you feel in ways that no other game has.”




The entire Metal Gear Solid Series, I know MGS 2 isn’t PS2 exclusive anymore and MGS 1 is just PlayStation but its well worth it. Devil May Cry is good but once you’ve played Devil May Cry 3 you’ll never go back.