Pros and cons of Panzer Dragoon on a next gen system?

What would be the advantages gained by Sega if they were/did make a Panzer Dragoon game on the PS3 and Xenon machines?

I would say that if Sega managed to get a PDS sequel or just another PD game onto the first batch of games released on either PS3 or X2 then
they would expose a new market to their game and it might become one of that system’s popular franchises and Shudder become mainstream.

The Negative is that the game is still rejected by the majority of casual punters who will invest in such a system but wants to wait for the next EA game.FF ,MGS or Halo3 and whatever.

And Orta did n’t do massivly well on the xbox although i think it was released within the Xbox’s first year.

Another flop could finish the franchise off for good If that happened.
Your thoughts

While the costs of development would’ve been much higher, Panzer Dragoon Orta probably would’ve sold more copies if it had been an RPG, especially when we consider the fact that the Xbox was starved of RPGs at the time. Who knows what the future holds though?

Even now, many third party developers are preparing themselves for the imminent arrival of the next generation consoles; Sega must have something planned for when they do finally arrive. All things considered, I doubt that Sega will be too eager to start whole new franchises when it has such a huge back catalogue of games it can draw upon already.

As always, we have no choice but to wait and see.

Personally I wanted Sega to release some new and more mature franchises.

People do give a what for the PD universe.However if the game was to be a good game in terms of gameplay I’m sure people would buy it.Then there’s the marketing.

What I’m saying tho is that a new PD game would be able to big but not necessarily because it was wihin the PD franchise.

The captivation would have to come from somewhere else and since not everyone enjoys rail-shooters or buys RPG’s when consoles are about to die…

I don’t think there is any con for consumers of a next-gen panzer game- it might be bad game depending on how it is devloped, but it isn’t the fault of better hardware…

I think the main con of releasing a new PD game would be that the mass-market (which the majority of the press these days is geared towards) like games where you have freedom to do what you want, like the GTA games for example. Making a PD RPG might help solve this situation, but I would like to see a few more rail-shooters in the series, if it does continue.

I really like the idea of making the next PD title a launch game for the next generation of consoles, because there will be bugger else that will be worth getting, and a PD would most certainly come out on top of all the other rubbish that will be released at launch for any of the upcoming consoles.

Yeah I feel that if a PDS was a launch title for the ps3(I doubt that x2 will be the platform for it) It could end up going the SUPER MONKEY BALL route which became one of Sega’s best selling franchises on the NGC as well as putting Nintendo’s launch title Luigi’s Mansion to shame. if of course the sony fans go for it.