Propeller Arena and Half Life (Dreamcast) for sale

[quote=“eBay Guy”]I have a couple left with DC cases.
I have tons of rare DC stuff, Emulators, Controller bags, and games.
Propeller arena as I’m sure you know was never released. The copy for sale is a CDR self booting on any region DC. It comes with a guide/manual disc art & the original front & back designed inserts by wombat. They sell for ?12 & ?1.25 P&P. [/quote]

He sent me screen shots of PA too… I might get one! sound good?

Not for ?12 each mate . I got mine for nothing a few years back.

DC HL is nice but the loading times will play on your nevers. PA is very nice though, and just shows you how good AM#2 are at programming.

Tops I pay is ?5 each

Umm isn’t Half-Life DC only available in illegal leaked rips seeing as the game was never released anywhere?

And if you want HL you can just find a cheap ass copy for the PC (NOT used or the key will be all activated already), which you can use to activate a Steam account and get access to more initially retail content such as the full Opposing Force expansion.

Don’t bother paying for pirated software. If you want to play Half-Life, just get it on the PC.

yeah i guess… PA comes with nice box art manual and cd art and stuff tho (of course not official but still pretty good)

The DC version of Half Life everyone has played was just a beta version. I’m positive the frame rate issues would have been ironed out and the loading times would have been optimized for its official release. It’s a shame it wasn’t, as it seemed quite promising.

Ah well, Sierra couldn’t resist the might of Sony’s sack of money!

oh man…I have HL but I always wanted to play PA.