Project Draco will not support controller … controller

This is a huge disappointment for me… i don’t play kinect games for more than 10 minutes.

I can’t find the quote, but I recall reading that the levels are quite short. Perhaps longer than five minutes each, but perhaps a half hour play session would let you experience several levels. Is this such a bad thing? Consider other games with short levels, such as the Megadrive Sonic games. You don’t need to play them for hours on end to enjoy them.

agreed. I am too busy to play games which “force” me to play hours anyway, gorgerous games like that are enriching to me and a lot of other creative or otherwise busy people. :anjou_love:

disappointment often only reflects ones own selfish interest, not the actual quality. I keep repeating myself there I guess. shuts up

I think what will happen in this case is… i will watch someone play it haha

Even child of eden, i tried it with kinect and got fed up pretty quickly… I love it with the pad. I guess i’m just one of those people that love the game as a game, without the moving around.

Ahhh well