Problem with PMs?

Anyone else having problems with PMs? I keep getting this error when trying to send one:

Failed sending email :: PHP ::


Line : 234
File : emailer.php


Thanks for pointing out the problem, Abadd. This seems to be a forum-wide issue. I didn’t notice it because I have email alerting turned off.

I’ll post here once a solution has been found.

Okay, PMs should be working properly now.

The problem occurred when the site changed web servers. The new web server’s PHP environment requires that SMTP is used, whereas for the old web server it didn’t matter.

w00t. Awesome - thanks for getting this :slight_smile:

Just received an email notification telling me I have a new private message, and it told me to follow this link: … lder=inbox

Nothing there. Either I’ve just been phished or there’s a technical fault on your end, but either way, thanks for nothing! :slight_smile:

I got that too. On Facebook it says that Solo deleted the accounts of some members who were PM spamming. So presumably the PM got deleted with the account.

Well that’s a relief - there’s only one end to PM spamming and that’s phishing, so it’s just as well there wasn’t a PM to read.

Phew! Now, back to obscurity I go!

Looks like they’re at it again - this time somebody called “LadyxAdmin” linking to a highly dubious website for virus scanning.

I’d give serious thought to closing the forum to new members. I know that would suck a fair amount, but it’s clearly a problem that can’t be dealt with by normal measures.

Yeah, I got this PM, too. …

I removed the user so the problem has been dealt with for now.

Thanks, D-Unit.

Preacher - I don’t think closing the forum to new users entirely is an option, but I’ll have think about how we can lessen the problem. CAPTCHA and email confirmation are already a requirement for new users; we can’t make it too hard.

We could possibly disable PMs for users with less than a certain number of posts…

^That’s a good idea if you can do it. Just making the minimum post count 1 would solve the problem. Since even if the bot actually did post, it would only make obvious spam that gets their accounts deleted anyway.

I keep getting messages for PMs that aren’t there. O_O

The PMs were already deleted together with the user.