Prison Break

Just wondering, who here watches this series?

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but it’s become one of my favorites. I especially liked the episode in season 1 “The Rat” - it was very well done.

I do wonder though how the writers are going to stretch the story over more than two seasons. Hopefully it won’t be milked for all it’s worth, and they’ll actually be able to keep composing an interesting narrative.

I haven’t stayed with it but I watched about half of season one and occasional episodes since. It is really well done, something about the pacing and character sensibility reminded me of X-Files which isn’t a bad thing. One specific turn-off though, when the whole conspiracy thing gets rolling the woman president almost seems like a veiled political comment about Hillary Clinton. heh

Prison Break is :anjou_love:

Episode 8 of season 2 is on tonight!

I watch Prison Break, i’m a little behind because of homework though. Hopefully they only run it for 2 seasons, 3 at most, because any more would be ridiculous.

Or not, as they’re doing one of those shitty breaks.

Comments on season three: (Teeny spoilers maybe, depending on your point of view)

What’s with this series fever anyway?

It’s got lots of suspense, great characters and story, and the plan behind the whole escape is nothing short of genius (well, that and a lot of luck). It’s just a well crafted and entertaining show. Watch a few episodes and you might get hooked.

I meant series in general.I dunno about other countries but around here CSI,Desperate Housewives,House etc etc … you need to see at least one in order to be called normal…

Just watch what you want to watch, and if that’s nothing at all then so be it. There are certainly plenty of other ways of spending your spare time than watching TV.

I’m not saying it’s a waste of time I just don’t get what’s with all the hype…

…but I ended up giving Prison Break a try last Wednesday and well I finished season one today.

I like the show specially because of the characters (T-Bag is just ace) but I think there are some things that are a bit forced…

SPOILERS for Season 1 :

…an example beeing how they assumed the door of the enfermary door had been left unlocked as opposed to thinking maybe Scofield & company got his hands on the keys (robbed them or sumething).Little things that you can easily blame on coicidence but at the end of the day are the only real tool the creators have to push some of the events.



Prison Break is gooood. If there’s someone in the world (as opposed to a team of scriptwriters) who could come up with and implement a plan like that, I’d like to meet them. Yeah, it’s a bit far-fetched in places, but it’s gripping and very well-done.

Anyway, this comes from someone who enjoys watching Lost . . . There’s probably a heated debate on that somewhere here, by now! :anjou_happy:

Actually, I don’t think Lost has been discussed on these forums before. Make a topic if you like, I’d be keen to discuss the theories surrounding that show (and there are a lot of them!)


Gehpnaet - Regarding the keys, I guess they figured that the prisoners had to have either got the keys from somewhere, or someone had left the door open on purpose. Either way, Sara and that other doctor were possibly two of the only people who would have the keys besides the Warden, so that would have made it easier to narrow down who was responsible.



That’s just it, knowing all the stuff Scofield and friends had pulled out 'till that point (or imagining) it would be more simple to assume they had been stolen from someone.But that’s not what they asked Sara or the other woman.


PS:I already catched up with the series (actually ep10 was released yesterday and I still haven’t seen it).I’ve been pwned!

Bump - this programme causes me much rage with the constant twists and turns!

big bump

Ten years later, I recently rewatched the entire series in preparation for the fifth season that was released earlier this year.

If you thought the third and fourth seasons were a bit contrived, probably skip the fifth season other than for the “completion” of the series. I would have preferred it if they’d left the show dead (pun intended). But I’m glad I rewatched all the old episodes; it’s still a good story and show, especially the initial two seasons.

Did anyone else watch Season 5?

I also rewatched it all this year in preparation! And then watched season five! I liked it, it was good to have a continuation of the story and some closure, even if yes it was all rather contrived.

There are things I wish they’d done differently, but like the 24 mini series a couple years ago it was nice to have more of a TV show I loved.

The main problem with Season 5 I had was that the series already had an ending with closure. The final episode of Season 4 was called The Final Break and successfully concluded the Company storyline, as well give a decent explanation for Michael Scofield’s death. There were events in The Final Break, such as Mahone being the one to suggest another way to get Sara out of prison, and Michael’s nosebleeds, which weren’t explained in Season 5. Since some of the inconsistencies from The Final Break weren’t explained, I felt Season 5 provided less closure, not more. I’ll probably just pretend there was no Season 5 when thinking about the overall story so that it makes more sense narratively.