Primordia (Another creatively engaging point and click adventure game!)

Can buy here:

I just started playing Primordia a few days ago! Within the world all humans are extinct leaving behind only technology. Robots are the sole survivors and have adopted a religion where humans are worshiped as their creator.

The main antagonist a robot named Horatio along with his companion Crispin, dwell within the airship UNNIIC until it’s power source gets stolen; forcing them to set out on an adventure to retrieve it.

The game so far is wonderfully designed. From the mechanical architecture, to the characters themselves, it all feels technologically organic (how do you like that oxymoron)!

A major highlight of my play-through so far was discovering a giant robot head in the desert and trying to get inside it. I enjoyed sticking various objects up its nose!

My kind of art style. Thanks for sharing.

Looking at it instantly reminded me of Beneath a Steel Sky. I’ll have to add this to my ever growing backlog…and hopefully get to it within 10 years.