Potential Interview with Forever Entertainment

While nothing is confirmed/organised yet, if we can get an interview with Forever Entertainment about the upcoming Panzer Dragoon remake, what questions would you like us to ask them?

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Questions around these concerns :

1 - speed of the aiming reticle; it looks a bit slow, the originaly PD1 didn’t have the best feel to the aiming, specially when compared to Zwei’s (miles better)
2 - the gun fure and aiming effects look flimsy, like they pack no punch and the watery-transparency look to them should be toned down; there should be more “white light” to them
3 - at times the camera seems to zoom out too much and the dragon is too small on screen
4 - the canon balls explosions effects, and the death effects of enemies look off
5 - Will the game have no HUD? In the trailer there doesn’t seem to be a radar or health bar.

Some questions I had prepared quite some time ago:

  • While a co-publisher and IP owner, SEGA hasn’t really communicated about the remakes. Will SEGA be supervising development or are they taking a hands-off approach?
  • Will Yukio Futatsugi or any of the original developers from Team Andromeda be involved with the project?
  • Rez: Infinite made a big impression on PlayStation VR, showing that classic rail-shooters are ideally suited for VR. Depending on the platforms, are you thinking of adding VR support to the games?
  • Remaking a game wil almost inevitably introduce changes to the original experience that not everyone is going to like. Aside from the remake, will the game feature a “classic” (emulated?) mode to give the fans the option to play the game in its original form?
  • The game’s FMV video sequences were impressive at the time, but the quality leaves something to be desired on today’s Full HD and 4K TV’s. Are you planning to remake these as well?
  • Panzer Dragoon and Panzer Dragoon II Zwei both have a very distinct art direction that gave the games an otherworldy feel. There’s some concern that a graphical overhaul may end up erasing the game’s unique look. Do you already have an idea on how you’ll approach the graphical overhaul?

New questions:

  • Will you ad an option to configure/disable motion blur? Some people experience nausea from games that use that technique.
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Speaking with FE, we will aim do an interview after Gamescom (August) when they have more to reveal. This still needs to be confirmed/approved, but now it is a good time to think up some questions you’d like to see answered.

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Two more:

  • @Berserker had a good question in the other thread if they’re planning to include a online leaderboard.
  • Will there be a photo mode where we can pause the game and perhaps freely move the camera?

Some of the questions in my previous post are a bit outdated now, so I’ll need to edit those.



Will there be any new content like a new level?

Will there be any features that utilise the unique features of the Switch (e.g. joycon motion controls)? Will the game be identical on the regular Switch and Switch Lite?