Post your Hard Quiz results here

TWotA update #150 is online, and I’ve (finally) added the final quiz. Curious to see if I’ve made it difficult enough… … d_quiz.php

Post your results here. Or any mistakes, let me know.

16/25 and I had to ask Shadow who Zadoc was.

It’s been a while. :anjou_happy:

And despite knowing who Zadoc was, Shadow fared no better. 16/25 here too. Pretty challenging stuff :smiley:

Yep, rock solid! I only got 9/25 :frowning:

Can anyone do worse than me I wonder :smiley:

I rececently managed to softmod my Xbox in order to enable the HD video settings (Microsoft decided to disable these settings in PAL territories for some reason). Now that I have an excuse to play Orta again in 480p goodness, I can brush up on my PD knowledge!

I didn’t know the first four questions, so I didn’t even bother. It’s been way too long since I played these games.

6/25, with some random guesses being right…

Clearly it has been far too long since I’ve played any of the games. I should play through Saga again. Although I don’t remember at all the source for years of events… Pandora’s Box in Orta?

I got 6 too but I was waiting to see if others would score this low first before humiliating myself by stating it here :stuck_out_tongue:

Pandora’s Box, and also the timeline (which was from Team Andromeda’s website).

7 / 25

Without cheating. I have failed… :anjou_sigh:


I avoided this until I felt composed for it, but of course I didn’t try to prepare for it either, even though a few of them could have been checked very easily. So trying it cold I missed questions 6-7-12-16-17-23-24.

Which I’m happy about, because I didn’t miss anything I thought I should know. :anjou_happy: