Possible explanation for why Abadd wants Orta

From the first time you see him in Orta its pretty clear that Abadd isn’t your “normal” drone and his programmed destiny was meant to be fairly important (if not critical) to the ancients eventual revival (in one way or another) once the towers had done there jobs. In this way I speculate that he was afforded certain features that other drones where not (for example in Orta when he changes form to fight Lagi and Orta before they go into Sestern space)

Could one of his abilities have been to breed? To pass on his own drone DNA to another being?
This is where it gets interesting. What if the person he was meant to procreate with was Azel?
Its already known that she is was “custom made” (she could mean by her original creators or the people that came to tamper with her at a later date) to merge with the tower of Uru. What if she was custom made (being the only female drone that is known of) to produce child? Probably not in the convential sense of how humans do but somehow (the same somehow she used to create Orta) too take her genes and pass them on. The ancients could have wanted this for the reason of creating hosts to put themeselves into when the time came. In this way the newborn drones would possibly have the ability to reproduce and from this the ancients could be reborn into bodies that could have future generations. It is known that the ancients who wanted the towers did not program Azel to destroy them but already she must have been pretty special in the way she was made as a high end drone. Maybe her core programming was to have children and as such her emotional capabilities would be extremely helpful in the careing of the child. Perhaps this is why she is allowed to “love”. The tampering of her code by rebels could have overwritten her core program for a while but if it was her core eventually it would come back to have effect on her.

Abadd could be the “father” drone in my eyes because he wants to use Orta to create more drones. By the time of Orta Azel could have been long dead and thus the nearest thing to her would be Orta. “Its too late for my ancient masters. Resuscitation is 100% impossible” is Abadd reffering to ancient hybernating bodies/souls or perhaps he is referring to the corpse of Azel. He found her, dead or otherwise, and attempted to carry out his programming but Azel was already too far gone for the process to work.
Maybe by that time Azel had overwritten her core program and did not want to become the “mother” of a future race and such she resisted Abadd to the point possibly even commiting suicide.

The creation of Orta would show that she couldn’t stop her program entirely and “needed” to produce an offspring. From her love of Edge she decided to create an offspring from his and her combined DNA. This theory would give very good reason as to why Orta was imprisoned within the Seeker settlement from her birth up until the dragonmares attacl. Azel probably knew full well that Abadd was searching for her and hence once Orta was born she went off to face him. Azel would most likely know that if she failed and Abadd knew about Orta’s existance he would hunt her down. Thus, Azel left the Seekers with instructions to keep her child locked away and out as much knowledge as possible.

I have re-read it and there are a heck of a lot of maybe’s in it :\

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Even though we’ve explored many different ideas regarding this topic, the truth is still up for debate.

I believe the host bodies the ancients kept frozen for their return from their little visit to cyber space came to an abrupt end when the Heresy dragon and the Divine Visitor killed Sestren (assuming they converted their minds into computer data). A new race of demi-humans (drones) could cater for this sudden need, in Abadd’s eyes, but I believe that wherever they stored each consciousness was wiped clean of all memory. Abadd panicked thereafter, and thus did what he thought they would have wanted.