Possably PanzerDragoon Lagi and Orta appear in OutRun2 SP

“Each of the fifteen segments is brand new, and they’re teeming with life. Take the closing, pre-goal segments. Instead of the emotionally bankrupt look of its predecessor lined with spartan walls, OutRun2SP has all manner of flying objects littering the skies. From birds and hot-air balloons to the After Burner fighter jet and (what looks like) the Panzer Dragoon Orta flying dragon, the tracks will keep your eye-balls in ecstasy all the way through.”

This is not the OutRun2 that is on the Xbox now,
its a new version of OutRun2 called "OutRun2 SP"
which has all new corses and cars and effects and
weird things in the seanary

No shit? :anjou_wow:

Well I dont know for sure but If you want to read the hole
post its here

b2g4.com/boards/board.cgi?ac … =outrunner