Polymega - an all-in-one retro console

“The Polymega uses the Mednafen emulator coupled with a custom BIOS file so playing Saturn games is as simple as popping in your pristine copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga or, if you’re really paranoid, your backup burned CD-R copy (yes, that works).”

We might need something like this one day because the original physical hardware at some point is going to break. And how many normal people will be able to repair a Saturn disc drive and find the actual replacement parts? Hell, how long are our actual Saturn games going to last?

In 2018 my original 1996 Playstation disc drive broke. So the system only lasted 22 years! And I kept it in prime condition. So, how long will the physical hardware of the Sega Saturn Last? This is why we might need physical alternatives like this in the future or just have to strictly turn to emulation!

I think the time is over for this system. They’ve had too many delays and have lost a lot of trust and faith in the product

Apparently, mister is a better system:

At least Polymega has a clear, marketable brand and product:

At a glance, I was confused about what MiSTer is and how to get one.

Polymega are planning to launch a digital store some time after launch, allowing publishers to distribute copies of their games. It’ll be interesting to see if Sega games such as Panzer Dragoon Saga are added to the store.

That looks nice TBH