Please buy my copy of Panzer dragoon Zwei!

Hi Guys

I’m selling a copy of Panzer Dragoon Zwei and it doesn’t seem to be selling that much, please could you have a look, or consider buying it! Ideal for those without PDZ in thier collection, or have never played it!


You first gotta answer why you wanna sell it.

i’ll buy it for ?5.50 including p&p

Atolm would probably buy it off you, if it was the US version, since her PAL copy has that annoying “large border” problem on an NTSC Saturn.

I would too!

Looking at the copy though, I noticed it is the same one I have!!

Oh the joys of playing Panzer Dragoon Zwei not being able to read the dialog or even see poor Lagi’s health bar at all.

I am aware of the differences of PAL and NTSC, but,my copy of Zwei was a thoughtful christmas present from somone who did not know the differences.