Playstation Network hacked … stolen.ars … al-one.ars

Contact details, passwords, and possibly credit card information have been stolen.

From an informational perspective, this is no different to any large website being hacked, although I don’t mean to imply that it isn’t serious. It does spell out some of the flaws of centralising gaming in a single service, e.g. what happens when something goes wrong with the system, or if data loss occurs, etc. More independence between the content and the service wouldn’t hurt, especially as these services become more and more cloud oriented.

Welcome to the future!

Shit happens but I don’t think Sony have handled it how they should, taking so long to warn people over the stolen data and also keeping the service down for so long…

Yeah the story is taking a weird shape, seems to be a lot more panicking than it deserves, but it’s almost like Sony set out to ensure the most backlash possible. Which has the effect of making the speculation about negligent security measures seem more likely, as they’ve come across as scared to tell the whole story.

I lolled.

EDIT: Also, … passwords/

According to a loonix friend of mine, the credit card numbers of the stolen PSN accounts are currently up for auction on darknet. :anjou_sigh:

well to my annoyance i was DL FF IX of my PSP at the time they took it down, not happy! oh well… i moved onto getting into some classic point and click games… Monkey Island here i come… (close web browser)