PlayStation 4

Let’s use this topic to discuss the PS4. Here’s a tech demo of a first person shooter posted on Gizmodo:

I like the comparison to when gamers first saw Sonic Adventure. “the graphics are fantastic, but not of an OH MY HELL, nothing-else-like-it-even-close leap. Like, say, the first time you ever saw Sonic Adventure.” Very true, Sonic Adventure was a huge leap for its time. Still, perhaps we’re getting to a point where graphics matter less and other things like story and an overall more cohesive experience will be seen to matter more?

Move appears to be becoming more like Kinect, while allowing the Dual Shock 4 to be used at the same time. Sounds like a smart move (no pun intended), as there will now be less controllers cluttering up the player’s living room while retaining the same capabilities.

The new streaming system sounds interesting, but it’s a shame that there’s no native support for PS3 games. I’m unconvinced that the world is ready for streaming games yet. Many Internet connections can’t even stream YouTube without buffering. I was hoping to skip the PS3 and play its exclusives on PS4, but that probably won’t be possible for me. I’m a bit weary of the Facebook integration too; hopefully this will remain strictly optional. It seems over the top to have a dedicated Share button.

I watched it live and found it pretty underwhelming but it’s early days. Still, the most promising stuff (outside the tech demos we’ve all seen before, Square’s and Epics, and Capcom’s new one) were games that will also be on current gen platforms like Watchdogs and the most visually impressive was Killzone which looked like Crysis 3 x COD. The gulf in specs is there but it doesn’t seem to translate to games that look like nothing you’ve seen before to a meaningful degree or any new developments in design.

I’m not going to be into streaming (plus with the function so easy to use there will already be a billion videos of the same game of the same section by others) and I agree about the social network integration. I don’t want to post gaming updates on my facebook, I think Nintendo had the right idea with Miiverse being its own thing, even though it’s lacking in its execution (like most of WiiU, for now at least).

It doesn’t look that impressive to me. I was expecting to see a bigger leap in graphics. It’s too early to tell though.

I like the recording of the last few minutes of play idea, sometimes there are those moments that I wish I could show someone instead of just telling them about it.

The spectate mode is pretty interesting, I could see me using it.

There wasn’t enough meaty info but I’m guessing they’re holding that back for E3.

Had a good laugh watching this: PS4 Announcement - Abridged Version

Lol. Aren’t Sony up to their necks in debt btw?

I don’t agree with the Sonic Adventure comment. I think the Dreamcast was the biggest leap in terms of consoles there has ever been from going from games like RE on the PSX, where you couldn’t tell a face from an ass, to Soul Calibur standards was truly breathetaking.

Regarding the PS4 announcement, I watched it live and I was a tad optimistic, but honestly, I’m not looking to buy. I’ve yet to own a PS3, so I guess the best news is that, hopefully, PS3 console and games will drop soon after its release, and I can enjoy what that console has to offer at a much lower price.

Also, seeing as Crimson Dragon is likely to end up on the next Microsoft console, M$ have pretty got me and my money by the balls (unless it turns out to rate very badly).

I think that’s what they were saying about the DC, that the difference between PS1/N64 and DC was much more impressive than the difference between PS3 and PS4.

I might do the same, especially given the lack of (non-cloud) backward compatibility on PS4. However, if The Last Guardian comes out on PS4 it will be very tempting to get one.

Same here. :anjou_sad:

[quote=“Solo Wing”]
I might do the same, especially given the lack of (non-cloud) backward compatibility on PS4. However, if The Last Guardian comes out on PS4 it will be very tempting to get one.[/quote]

Rumor has it, they’re moving the game onto the much anticipated PS5.

Ha, well anything’s possible given the pace of The Last Guardian’s development! The next Duke Nukem Forever, maybe.

I like the direction Sony is going. Never thought I would say that. I have never been a Playstation gamer. I owned a PS1 a long time ago but sold that and have not had one since. Last game I played on my brothers PS2 was Shadows of the Colossus.

The reasons I like Sony’s direction:

  1. PC hardware(and decent I might add) in a small form factor. This is going to help developers port and make games compared to past PS systems.

  2. Games still disk based.

  3. Used games are okay.

  4. Launch lineup looking good from what they have already shown.

  5. While not ideal, the controller looks to be improving.

  6. What interface that has been shown didn’t have boatloads of ads. (MS take some notes.)

It is very possible that if I do buy a console this generation, it will actually be a Sony system and not a MS system.