PlaySEGA Launched

SEGA have been looking for a way to get in the web-games business for quite a while now, as I seem to recall certain Sonic titles offered via RealArcade at some point. Anyway, that was clearly all child?s play, as they have finally launched their very own website, dubbed PlaySEGA. It is a mostly flash-based web-game portal and already offers quite a few games, including some fairly notable examples such as Brain Assist, formerly an exclusive Nintendo DS title, and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

All games have been enhanced to include and track your high scores, while you can also view leader boards and accumulate PlaySEGA Rings, a point currency which allows you to customise your profile, your ?escape? as they call it, with special room themes, items, furniture, and more. It sounds a bit like the Phantasy Star Online rooms that users could customise and invite other players in. Of course, this is still flash-based here.

Few things in life are 100% free and SEGA already have plans for a PlaySEGA VIP (Very Important Player) section, which will, for a reportedly small charge, give you access to many more games, either created specifically for PlaySEGA, or as ports of fan-favorites from the Genesis era. Well, that?s what SEGA themselves claim, but when I see the fantastic Chu Chu Rocket listed, I know they?ll be doing a lot more than that.

Via GameCyte (yeah, yeah I have no shame)

I’m not really a huge Flash games type of person. But the site does look like it has some potential for fun.

This site has been online since October… But SEGA have officially “launched” it now!

Yay for flash games that are worse than some of the free ones on deviant art!

i thought i would enjoy it

but the flash games are realllllyyyyyyy boring =(

Yeah, should change once they put Chu Chu Rocket on there :slight_smile:
But I agree, it’s pretty laughable currently. Couple that with web-game portals like which offer some commercial-grade games like marble madness, rockitball and fallen empire: legions for free (100% free now), and it shows Sega need to do a lot more to get anywhere near competitive. But the setup shows promise, at least the way it can track scores across games and such for you shows a decent backend.