Playing Phantom Dust on a PAL Xbox 360

According to Wikipedia’s list of backwardly compatible original Xbox games, Phantom Dust is playable on a PAL Xbox 360, but only in 50htz. I was wondering if anyone has tried this, and what the performance is like. Also, does it matter what version of the game is used (NTSC or NTSC-J); I’m assuming that territorial lockout never applied to this game (or no longer applies when played on a 360)? Thanks.

Phantom Dust is region coded, I used to play it on a softmodded Xbox. I don’t have a normal TV here to properly check this on 360 (certainly doesn’t work with my US copy on my HDMI monitor even in SD 50hz mode) but I’ve never heard of an Xbox game region code being ignored depending on what cable or mode you’re using. If only!

I tried it , it doesn’t work sorry Solo