Playing Panzer Dragoon Saga in Yabause. (Questions)


Also, going back to Yabause when I set up the input for the 3d control pad. I cant get the L and R buttons to work. Every button can be set and works except those…I’m using an Xbox 360 controller by the way.

So, I guess according to this post/discussion Xbox360 controllers aren’t entirely supported by Yabasuse?


There’s a button on the toolbar that allows you to go Fullscreen, you can also press Alt+Enter. In settings under the video tab, there’s also a checkbox that says start in fullscreen. Have you tried those? I just downloaded the same one fresh and it’s working pretty flawlessly after playing a couple minutes in Saga.


Yes I tried all of this in YabaSanshiro. When it goes to gull screen I can only see a section of the screen, and the rest is cut off. The normal Yabause emulator works fine when I go to fullscreen no problems.


Someone mentioned going into fullscreen twice and having that work for them. Maybe give that a shot. Make sure the fullscreen resolution is set to your native too, mine was set to 1080 on my 1440p screen and it cut off most of the screen.

That DirectX input issue seems to also be in Yaba Sanshiro but if you change the input to SDL joystick and then map it, it picks it up.


I changed the native resolution and it worked somewhat. But, it seems yabause 0.9.15 works better regarding resolution. I’ll try the controller SDL joystick and tell you if it works. Thanks.


I’m going to stick with the original Yabuause emulator for now, version 0.9.15. The L and R buttons still didn’t work and I already had it set on SDL joystick. But, it didn’t work in Yaba Sanshiro either…


Going back to Mednafen for a bit. I got the full screen to work by changing my resolution to 1680 by 1050. Now when I’m full screen there is a black border. I’m assuming that is 4:9 ratio within the emulator.

But, is there any way to get it to go to 16:9, like Yabause is able to do?


Also, is there any way to smooth out the graphics like in Yabuase? Like what specific commands I’m supposed to alter to change the graphics settings?


Well as far as not being able to map the L and R buttons on an Xbox 360 controller, with Yabause this is why:

Controllers in general are either Direct input or X input. I’m assuming most PC controllers are Direct Input, and controllers from consoles use X input?

Anyway, Yabause is only compatible with Direct input it seems, as the Xbox 360 controllers only use X input drivers. That is why the L and R buttons won’t map using the 360 controller.

So I’m wondering will these new Saturn controllers soon to be released over at Retro-Bit use Direct Input?


I don’t know for sure the answers, but…

Most PC gamers seem to use Xbox controllers ( and even the PS4 controllers don’t use X Input. There is a utility to map Direct Input controllers to X Input functions though:

I would be surprised if the new RetroBit stuff uses X Input, at least for the standard controllers. The ones with the analogue sticks might use it, but I’m sure X Input has to be licensed from Microsoft and of course that would cost RetroBit a fee to do so…


Thanks for the reply. I’m going to buy one when they release this month (Saturn Wired USB® Port Controller (Black, Slate Grey). Hopefully, it will work with Yabause and I can finally map the L and R buttons!