Playing Panzer Dragoon Saga in Yabause. (Questions)


Thanks everyone for your help! It’s working now. Man, I really wish this emulator had a proper interface/menus.

Although, I think I’ll test out Yabause for now and see if I can play PDS all the way through.

I dread the day when my physical copy of PDS stops working correctly and I’m forced to emulate the game. Hopefully, our PDS discs will last for a few more decades!!


I purposely only play my backed up bin/cue to avoid wear on the game discs. Glad you got it working.


Is there a way to make a save state and load a save state in this emulator.? I know you have to manually go into Notepad++ to turn things on and off but is there a hotkey for it like the controller config?


Alt + Shift + 1 -> Set controls for Player 1
Alt + Shift + 2 -> Set controls for Player 2
Alt + Enter -> Full Screen
0 - Save Screen Snapshot
F2 - Save Game State
F4 - Load Game State
F11 - Toggle FPS Text

You can also edit the mednafen.conf file settings:
;Automatically load/save state on game load/close.
autosave 1

;Cache entire CD images in memory.
cd.image_memcache 1

The first setting has Mednafen save your state when you hit escape and when you load that same Rom it just loads right to were you were. memcache 1 normally speeds up loads and decreases load artifacts. You can also save manually using the commands above along with change controller settings, etc.

Most of this is explained in the video I linked to previously.


Okay, thanks a lot!


I mean, there are 3rd party GUI programs designed to interact with mednafen, but they’re use at your own risk as they’re separate from the makers of mednafen.


They also tend to be complicated. I have started working on the GUI I mentioned, but I’m also in my last semester of Grad school, so it might not see significant time investment until January. There was one large complicated GUI Medlaunch I tried, but it was overly complex. A lot of these GUis are Windows only. Ideally I would like to make it platform agnostic.


Why are they use at your own risk? What can happen?


Bugs. Downloading any app has inherent risk but I don’t believe ones like Medlaunch are dangerous, just not user friendly!! Mednafen could technically be dangerous. The reason we believe it is safe is that it is open source and has positive user feedback.


I’m trying to go full screen Alt + Enter but I get a message saying:

“Reverting to windowed mode because no mode is big enough for 1600X1200.”

So…I can’t have my computer at that resolution? Is there a way around it? If not what is the recommended resolution for Windows 10, when using Mednafen?


Multi disk games:

Key Assignments:

To force fullscreen, find the following in the config file: video.fs 1 to enable 0 to disable.

Not sure if that resolution and width is supported. I ran it at 1080p just fine. Xres and yres are the two parameters in the config to force set it. Not exactly sure what would happen if you forced it to full screen 1080p on your monitor. You might try 1080p non fullscreen ie 1920x1080, so xres of 1920, yres of 1080.


I just enabled the video.fs and immediately after opening the emulator it reverted to the small window size with the same message.

I also tried enabling Xres and yres but it reverted back again…

I don’t get it… Yabause or SSF have no problem going full screen for me. Why is Mednafen such a pain?


Has anyone used this adapter that turns your Saturn controller into a PC controller? Do you think it works?


I honestly have no idea if that resolution is supported by Mednafen or the Saturn Emulator. That emulator is still considered Alpha so they may not handle it. Would have to do some digging. 1600x1200 is technically not a standard resolution even though it was commonly used as a monitor resolution for years. They may simply be supporting more widespread resolutions for the time being, but I am speculating at the moment.


Found no useful info regarding 1600x1200. Not going to take any more time to search. I would try out some other resolutions in Windowed mode to see what works best for you.


Okay, thanks for your help. What do u think about that controller adapter?


Never tried it. Xbox 360 wired controller works great though. Retro-bit has Sega licenced controllers, USB and Bluetooth, coming in the next few weeks. They claim exactly the same as the originals. I plan on buying one each of the Genesis and Saturn versions, one USB and one Bluetooth of each. Having a good six button controller on my PC has been a dream for years!!


There’s a much more active fork of Yabause out now called Yaba Sanshiro (formerly uoYabause). Supports windows, ios, and Android.

As far as I know, its made some huge strides pretty recently. Even a year ago, I played through Panzer Dragoon Zwei on my phone without any real issues.


I hadn’t heard of uoYabause before. It’s good to have these new options for when it comes time to play the Saturn Panzer Dragoon games again.

Note: It looks like the iOS version of uoYabause requires a paid developer account (US$99 per year) to side load the app, since iOS is a closed platform for regular users and it’s not on the App Store. That’s if you don’t want to jailbreak your device (I wouldn’t recommend doing so).


I downloaded the Windows version:

• 2018/09/15

I cant get the emulator to run in full screen. I only managed to get it to run in aspect ratio 4:3, but I’m forced to see the menu at the top and my windows task bar below. The original Yabause 0.9.15 goes full screen no problem.

Any suggestions?