Pictoral Signature


How do you use a picture as your signatue, iv’e made one and i’ve uploaded it on the internet, and when i put the link in the signature box, and it just comes up as text. Help me! lol



I’ve just had a go myself, and an easy way to get an image displaying properly in your sig is to use the forum’s image tags: put immediately%20before%20the%20link%20and immediately after. (Make sure that BBCode is set to “on” next to the signiture entry box if you’re doing it this way, and you’ll probably also want to set the “Always attach my signiture” option further down the page.) According to one of the FAQs, maximum image size in sigs should be no more than 550 by 100 pixels (the size of the sig in this post).

EDIT: Edited for clarity, and because I accidentally removed the signiture from this post a second ago…

Your sig is too wide Matt, please crop it on the sides. You are not supposed to have to scroll sideways in these forums in an 800x600 window (My desktop is 1280x960 but my various browser windows are 800x600 each, or so) so that I can view several (more or less) without alt tabbing. Anyway </useless info>.

Ok, Ok, it’s changed!

cough %between%get firefox cough

Eh? Pointless? I didn’t say I don’t wanna view his sig at all, I just said it was bigger than it should be. Better to fix it so the forum tables don’t break rather than have people who dislike that set it up so they never view his sig at all. He fixed it anyway as he said.
Unless it has a helpful feature other than blocking the images from that source?