Phantasy Star Universe

The official trailer for Phantasy Star Universe was released yesterday on Gamespot. This is obviously a higher quality trailer than the one recorded at E3 and slightly expanded. In the end it still looks epic and amazing and captures the essence of the previous games (The original RPG’s not Online). This is one game I definitely will be looking out for. I recommend you check out the trailer.

i’m a lover of all things phantasy star (except ps3, episode 1&2, and card battle).

seeing this trailer i was partially hyped…

it’s supposed to be the MMORPG that PSO wasn’t as well as a whole new offline RPG adventure known as phantasy star 5. that in theory sounds great… but the character, creature, and environment designs as well as the overall style are lacking greatly IMO. given it was only an FMV so i cannot truly say, but seeing things such as:

the quite bland looking field that gets struck by purple lightning and everything dies

the teenage punk jumping off a roof onto a flying surfboard then pressing a button to make his trendy clothes appear.

the buff guy who gets angry and turns into a monster with a huge patch of bright red pubic hair

i am disappointed. it’s just looking uninspired and “kiddie”. might change my view when i see ingame screens.

Where did you hear this was going to be a MMORPG and offline Action RPG,
I thought it was only supposed to be an Action RPG?

I think the game doesn’t look that kiddie, the enviroments looked good. I liked the massive city, and while the field did look bland, that was just there to be destroyed in my opinion. I really like the space shots with all the ships firing at an ominous energy, only for their shots to be repelled. But Megatharium you’re right, we’ll have to wait for in game screens to trully know. But I am still psyched.

people are speculating that it will be both an offline RPG and an MMO because of these words that scrolled across the screen “PSO2” and “PSV”. people think that is hinting at it being a true sequel to PSO as well as the much anticupated 5th phantasy star RPG. actually it’s not all that different from the way PSO was, an online and offline adventure. i’m guessing that all they’d really have to do is spend a little more time on the offline storyline to be able to pass it off as that without much hullabaloo.

it doesn’t look like windwaker, but you have to admit the style looks saturated with teenage angst :confused: there was a certain level of “badassness” in PSO; it had some melancholy plot elements, many of the enemies looked really cool, and kireek was just insane. i just get the feeling this game isn’t going to be as badass… not necessarily a bad thing, it’ll probably help sales to get the teen-preteen audience’s attention while still getting the older fans to reluctantly buy it just because it’s phantasy star :slight_smile:

that scene with all the ships reminded me of the fifth element o_o

i’m… reluctantly psyched :slight_smile:

My impression was that the words scrolled across screen in the intro were what people were speculating as the trailer went on, but by the end you find out it’s a totally different title.

Yes, very Fifth Element like? Btw does anyone know which platform this will be released on? Gamespot has it listed on all three, but since the online episodes were released on Xbox and Gamecube, AND Gamecube has a third episode, i’m thinking it will be a Gamecube exclusive. I really hope it is released for Xbox also since it does need RPG’s. However Sega might follow the Playstation 2 because of its higher RPG following.

Sega hasn’t confirmed what consoles will call Phantasy Star Universe home yet. I would be very surprised indeed if it wasn’t a multi-platform game.

The main things that bothered me in the trailer were the surfboarding, the shapeshifting beastman, and the mage-looking numan.

As to why they bother me:

  1. Surfboarding - Unless PSU is set in a different narrative universe than the previous games (goodness knows where PSO fits in with the originals) the humans of this game originated on a different planet than Earth, so I don’t see where they would’ve picked up a distinctly Terran sport. Their only encounter with people from Earth was a hostile one and surfboarding was probably not something they would’ve exchanged (laserfire was more likely).

  2. Shapeshifting Beastman - He doesn’t look like any of the previous races introduced (which is a bit of a disappointment and suggests the game is not set in Algo) and because I tend to think of Phantasy Star as a science fiction series first and fantasy series second, I have trouble accepting characters arbitrarily adding on mass and changing shape like that. Other than Lyle changing into a dragon in PS3, shapeshifting was never used in the series, and Lyle’s was only as a story element that neatly tucked inside rather than flashed about. This character will probably do his mass trick quite often, shrinking up and down at leisure.

  3. Mage Numan Girl - Maybe it’s just me, but I got real sick of cute FOnewearls (and a good many of their players) on PSO. I think it’s time to go back to warrior numans like Nei and Rika.

But, it’s very early to be making any judgments. Those are my gut reactions to the trailer, but I’m hoping I’ll be proved wrong and it’ll be a good game. I’m just hoping for a complete offline experience. I haven’t the time for a MMORPG. The first PSO for DC was fun since I had a good group of friends to play with, but I couldn’t go through that again.

I agree that the shapeshifting beastman and the monsters in the valley are too fantasy inspired, however about the surfboard I don’t necessarily think this had to originate from earth. It did fly for instance and could be a futuristic mode of transportation not a sport all together.

The dual headed dragon at the end of the trailer also brought some concern over me considering how I really want this to be a pure sci-fi adventure.

what i wouldn’t give to be able to see motavia, dezolis, and rykros with the graphical capabilities of today… :frowning:

the teenage punk reminds me of another character… might be ash from PSO but i think it’s someone else from something else…

To tell you the truth I never liked this sort of fantasy world.Pointy ears,non-existing fashion,mixture between past-like and futuristic weaponry…

I’ll be waiitng for a gameplay trailer and if it’s a offline RPG with a fair enough plot Ill give it a shot…

The only PS game I played was PSO and i hated it…

Panzer Dragoon has green people and crossbow like weapons and the Ancients’ energy or whatever and biologically engineered weapons :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes but that measn nothing.It has it’s own feeling to them (the weaponry) whereas PS doesn’t.

And green people is a lot “sounder” than say pointy ear people.Pigmentation can be manipulated with our knowledge right now ya know?

The point was “don’t be so general to your statements because they can sound very different and end up showing something you did not intend them to, while if you go in a tiny bit more detail - as you just have - they end up exactly the way you want them” :slight_smile:

I just hope I can be as wise a Jedi as you someday master. bowing

The Phantasy Star games and their style has always been pretty unique in my eyes, but now I think they’re gearing towards too much fantasy. As much as I don’t like this, we’ll have to wait for another trailer.

It’s all in the future in a distant galaxy so people will obviously look drastically different. And if SEGA did want to make a new game with a bold new impression upon release I believe they will change some character designs, to be different from previous games.

I am really curious about the story line, but in the end it will still probably wind down to some evil is in the universe and you must destroy it.

Also just watched the trailer again, I think sega wants this to be a new series of games, since at the beginning of the trailer it states:

“Let the next generation of games begin…”

I think it’s referring to the mixtur eof strong online and offline components…

PSO is a lot different from the original series. Quite a few of the older fans I know were turned off by PSO as well. If you like old-school RPGs (any Final Fantasy before 7, Breath of Fires I and II, and such) you’ll probably like Phantasy Stars 1-4. PS1 had a remake released in Japan last year, but though it’s been licensed, it hasn’t been translated into English yet.

i see PSO as phantasy star… adventure.

i mean not only is it not a sequel set in the same locales, but it goes against much of what had been established in the previous 4 as far as the “laws” of the phantasy star universe. for instance, dark force was merely a minor manifestation of the real enemy, the profound darkness and there were several dark forces not just one. they further blasphemize it by attributing the returning every 500 years deal to dark falz (which actually belonged to TPD).

so if you accept it as just being a dopey online beat 'em up set in the style of PS, you can still have some fun with it. sonic team just has a way of blasphemizing greatness… while still making a passable game :confused:

gehn, you should play the originals but keep in mind that PSIV is commonly viewed as the best and definitey the most user friendly, so if you want to play 1,2,3, then 4 but really aren’t liking 1,2,3 then skip ahead to 4 :slight_smile:

I dunno what you call old-school but if it’s 16 bits I’ve played some yes.

Ive been meaning to play PS4 for a while actually (ever since PSU was announced).