Phantasy Star Portable

Phantasy Star Universe related game for PSP. It doesn’t seem to be an exact port (thank god) even though it recycles graphical assets but I have no clue if it wil be online (I’d guess not). Either way, I haven’t used my PSP since I left the army (and it barely got any use there) but this little game might change that (if it’s handled well). Explore the site:

It is just the single player mode of PSU on PSP with some extra crap tacked on.

No online but has Wi-Fi multiplayer for PSPs in the same area as eachother.

Link to all that information? I’d like to see more of the game, perhaps it’s worth it on PSP… It goes on sale on the 31st of this month in Japan afaik.

I have an advertisement flyer for the game that came with some books I bought from Japan that discusses extra characters, shows screens etc.


If you weren’t interested in it for the consoles, you’re not going to see anything different here. The gameplay is exactly the same.

I was interested but then it got crappy reviews everywhere, which is why I’m asking for definitive information. If it’s a direct port, with a few extra bits, then I probably won’t be getting it. If however they’ve taken the time to fix what was wrong with it, mainly the campaign’s structure as far as I recall, then I’d probably get it…

What’s wrong with PSU is not the sort of thing that can be fixed I don’t think, it could only be scrapped. And for the single player campaign the structure doesn’t work yeah, but the content seemed just as lame to me anyway. The gameplay engine is OK, the execution of production is just fine, it’s everything else that fails. The game flavor is like the most watered down generic* cola knockoff* you’ve ever tasted compared to PSO.

I see. Why would they bother porting then? I guess it’s a shame they didn’t do a port of a past PSO game (maybe Blue Burst), the graphics wouldn’t look very inferior on the PSP’s relatively small screen.

Famitsu gave Phantasy Star Portable 33/40 in the latest issue.

I personally do not enjoy PSO or PSU, I find both games to be clunky and clumsy, however the theme tune to PSU is, quite frankly, laughable.

Although I did have more fun with the Story mode on PSU than I did with the single player mode in PSO. Even if the story was a lot of nonsensical garbage :anjou_embarassed:

That’s not a bad score is it? I just played the demo, it seems like a nice dungeon crawler but there’s horrible pop up in the outdoor scenes and I can’t judge if it will have enough variety to keep me going.

Granted I never played PSU but this looks different than what I thought PSU is like so maybe it really isn’t just a port but some sort of remix focusing on the gameplay and not trying to tell a crappy story well.

The intro seemed to have scenes from the actual PSU so maybe it’s some sort of sequel in regards to that? Also, I wasn’t restricted in using a specific character (in story mode), I could chose and customise my own. And it seemed very light on the story without in-game cut scenes, just character images talking to each other (fully voiced though) and then getting directly in the action which is standard PSO stuff as I remember it (no idea on specials, different gear and such, it’s all Japanese…) though I had a couple of AI helpers.

It’s evident it gets very repetitive but perhaps it’s a decent dungeon crawler, not as good or deep as the Monster Hunter games but certainly more accessible. It was relatively enjoyable to take down hordes of enemies and a giant dragon boss, perhaps when I can understand how loot works and it keeps enticing you with better gear Diablo style it’s worth it…

I guess my beef with the PSP is that its campaign based games seem too expensive to be worth it (and there are better counterparts on its big brothers) so I’m looking to buy things with a LOT of play and/or replay value and games of this type seem fitting, if only they’re well made… I’m still pondering over purchasing a MH game, then there’s this Valhalla Knights 2 coming, it’s a tough choice until English versions and reviews pop up I guess.

I only have a handful of games on PSP and the one that I would say was really worth it is Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (despite its flaws, fun stealth aspects remain and it has a lot of replay value with the randomised level assets and the way the campaign works), so I’m picky…

What do you think of the Monster Hunter games Chizzles, is either worth it? And which more than the other? I was waiting for MHP2 but then I kind of preffered the dinosaur-esque focus of the original and I ended up getting neither and just gaming on my PC and Wii :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t played any Monster Hunter games so I really can’t comment on them, the games I currently own for PSP are Crush, OutRun 2006, MGS PO, Silent Hill 0, Dark Stalkers, Tekken, Afterburner and Sega Rally.

I plan on importing the Parodius collection, Sakura Wars and Princess Crown shortly… I will perhaps import Phantasy Star Portable if it never sees a domestic release.

Regarding the story in PS Portable, they appear to have treated the story change in the same way they handled “ambition of the aluminous” which was essentially a downloadable story for the 360 version, that got released as it’s own game on PS2 and PC.