Phantasy Star IV Soundtrack

Was there ever a soundtrack released for it?

Is there a place where I can find them all?

I remember of a place but they had MIDIs or something like that which I didn’t like. I eventually got the rom and made dumps of all the songs from the soundtest menu. It took me a long time because some tracks were very hard to pin point where it ended before the loop.

I ended up using Windows Movie Maker to cut them before they repeated. I made each one loop 3 times before they would end because some were to short. Only thing is, that I’m not quite sure if I really cut them right before looping again. Tracks like The Black Boold were hard to figure where it ended.

Heres a list of all tracks and what I get for their times without repeating:

A Happy Settlement ~ 0:42
Abyss - 1:15
Behind the Circuit - 1:06
Cybernetic Carnival - 0:43
Defeat at a Blow! ~ 0:34
Dezoris De Don - 0:04
Dezoris Field 1 - 1:17
Dezoris Field 2 - 0:43
Dezoris Town 1 - 1:39
Dezoris Town 2 - 0:31
Edge of Darkness - 0:51
Fal - 0:41
Field Motabia ~ 1:11
Her Last Breath ~ 2:03
In the Cave ~ 1:22
Inn - 0:12
Jijy No Rag ~ 1:18
Land Master AXV-25 - 0:51
Laughter ~ 2:18
Machine Center ~ 0:31
Meet Them Head-on! ~ 1:12
Motabia Town - 0:48
Motabia Village ~ 1:24
Now on Sale ~ 0:37
Ooze ~ 2:49
Organic Beat ~ 1:21
Pain - 0:29
Pao-pao! ~ 0:40
PS1 Dungeon Arrange 1 - 0:55
PS1 Dungeon Arrange 2 ~ 0:41
Red Alart ~ 0:38
Requiem for Lutz - 1:34
Ryucross Field - 0:51
Staff Roll - 2:56
Suspicion - 0:45
Take Off! Landeel ~ 1:55
Temple Ngangbius ~ 1:02
Terrible Sight ~ 1:05
The Age of Fables - 1:06
The Black Blood ~ 0:57
The End of the Millennium - 1:52
The King of Terrors ~ 1:17
The Promissing Future 1 - 2:30
The Promissing Future 2 - 3:42
Thray - 1:15
Tonoe De Pon - 1:16
Tower ~ 0:44
Winners! - 0:02

NOTE: Tracks that have a “~” between their title and
time are those that have a unique musical
intro which only plays at the beginning of the
first loop if you choose to compose a two or
three loop track. Those that have a “-” do not
have a unique musical intro.

I just wanted to make sure I got them right.

There was no official OST release (something I hope they fix with the Sega Ages game) however the album “Phantasy Star Sound Collection Vol 1” contains a few arranged tracks.
The only way to get a proper version of the original soundtrack at the moment is through websites like the excellent one here - you just need a plug in for winamp and that’s it!

Ugh… Winamp.

I refuse to pay for it. Not worth it, but at least the download had a notepad file with the times. Looks like I got most right except a few which I think they are wrong on. I think I’ll stick with my times. Thanks BTW.

This is probably not exactly what you want, but here is what I found:

Temjin747, I found that place a few days ago from someone on this board. I got all Zwei’s OST just today. Been doing that for the whole week (I have slow connection) and finished getting them today.

I did perform a search for PS:IV and downloaded The Black Blood. Sound quality is exactly like the ones I ripped. No surprise there but I don’t like the way it ended. I perfer them to not fade out.

I assume they all do. I like the way I did mine. Call me crazy but thats just me. :anjou_happy: