Pewter Figures

In another thread I made mention of purchasing two PDO pewter figures. From different sellers over ebay, one for myself and another for a friend. One was the real thing, the other a fake. I know some members here also have these figures and are probably curious. The photos can speak for themselves, but the fake one is lighter in weight and color and bendable, I could break off the wings if I tried! A pretty amusing fake, and the least thing I would expect to be a fake! :slight_smile:

Ah - when you mentioned this in the other topic, I assumed you meant this Orta statue (my mistake, as you did say “pewter”). I don’t remember hearing about this one before, and IMO it looks significantly nicer.

I’d like to add this statue to the big list of PD merchandise on the site when I update it, so I’ve a couple of questions:

  1. Do you have any idea what company made these things and how they were originally released? (The other statue had to be ordered from a promotional website, IIRC).

  2. Would you be OK with me using these photos for the site? They’re very good.

I admit I like the pewter figure better as well!

  1. Sadly I cannot answer this question. If I remember right, these were given to the developers/certain people and a certain number were made. I am sure someone here will know and answer this question, perhaps Mr. Solowing dragon, Abadd or even KFC (lol).

  2. Feel free. :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen this one before sorry, although it is nice.

You’ve put me in the mood for KFC now. Yum.

ha- looking at those, I realize I have a ‘fake’ one. The other one wing detail is more crisp than mine.

Are you sure it is actually “fake”- it might be possible Sega did a run in one territory or something with a cheaper metal.

If they did went through another company for a second run, then it was a poor job of it. I should not be able to bend the wings like I have done, there are still extra metal bits clinging onto it. You can see a little bit of the extra bits of the metal on the inner tip of the wing, usually that should be clipped and smoothed by most professional standards.

I will be willing to take additional photographs if anyone wants me, perhaps in better light as well!

So, either there is a second run, or there is some fakes running about. I am interested in any answers. :slight_smile:

Am I right in assuming that neither of them came with distinctive packaging (like a box with anything printed on it)?

Hmm, I remember seeing this in the offical japanese website but it was a grayish type.

You are correct.

To be honest, N, that sounds like a Games Workshop model coming out of a box. You need to file and trim those down before you can paint them properly.

True, but when you purchase Pewter figures NOT ment to be painted on, there is a difference in quality. Most professionally created figures will be cleaned and polished from such extra bits.

Anyways, you will know what I am talking about when you see it yourself.