Pewter Figure Value


it’s been quite a while since I posted here. Good to see that there are still PD lovers around :wink:

Actually I think about selling some of my PD stuff. Especially the orta pewter figure ( definately original and not fake) , as I have no place to display it really. Has anyone seen one sold one of these on ebay? What would you think it would be worth? It’s extremely rare, but on the other hand noone really cares about PDO…

Thanks for your help!

Is this the one?

no, this one

After some digging, I found this ended Ebay auction. The figure sold for $39.99.

Ah thanks for digging it up. I see, only 40 Bucks. Well I guess then it’s not worth selling it. On the other hand I cant keep it forever And in 20 years or so it will really be a worthless piece of scrap metal… I just wish the Orta design wouldve been better and the figure nicer to look at.

If you ever decide to sell it I would be more than happy to take it off your hands!

Ah, looks like it’s this one.

I’m not a collector though, more of a compiler. I typically only buy things that I can use. Others here will be interested in buying it though.