Perhaps an odd request....PDS Cover Art

A long time ago…in a galaxy far far away… :anjou_sigh: lol

I bought PDS and in order to save space and save time when switching games, I took all my video games, and put them in a big big cd-book thing.

Now, years later, I recently found all my old games, including my saturn titles, one of which is Saga. Anyway, although I also found some of my saturn cases, the majority of the cases are still missing, and i fear, thrown out unintentionally.

Now, if Saga was 1 cd, this would be no problem. But I want all 4 disks together. I went out and bought this case:
Now, the only problem is it looks ugly. I want a cover art that I can print out, that’s big enough to fit on this case. I figured if anyone can help me, it’s you guys. Anyone have any idea on where to start? I suppose worse comes to worse, I’ll just have to make my own….:groan:

Oh my lord, the US discs look awesome compared to the PAL ones.


Try Lagi’s site maybe?

The PAL version did get much nicer packaging, though; possibly even nicer than the Japanese version for once.

As to the topic at hand, we have reasonable-quality scans of the various PDS covers up on the main site: … n_saga.php

…I’m not sure if that’s what you’re really looking for though, and as that looks like a standard-size dvd case I doubt the real covers would have exactly the right dimenions to fit it. (Those images don’t show the full wraparound covers w/ spines either, but if you actually would like a higher-quality, complete scan of any real cover, I could probably upload one for you; I think I still have the original images somewhere.)