Penny's Big Breakaway (Sonic Mania Devs new game!)

Anyone played Penny’s Big Breakaway?

I just got done with it. It was pretty good. Made by the Sonic Mania devs! The game employs a fresh new gameplay system that involves momentum and chaining moves together to gain speed, all while being able to slow down and do precision platforming.

It does take a while to learn the gameplay mechanics though. At first the controls and movement won’t make sense to you until you have played through a few levels and understand all of the gameplay fundamentals. It took me a couple levels to get good at the yoyo chaining speed boost moves.

It’s all about gaining speed through dash, jump, swing and roll combined. Rinse and repeat. And the levels are designed with dips, slops and hills all over the place to make use of the roll mechanic. With all of the momentum based gameplay I really wish they could have made a Sonic Mania 2. It would have been amazing! But this game is amazing too!


I really wanna try this out, it looks really good

The momentum gameplay is really fun once you understand how to gain speed. Tee Lopes the composer (Sonic Mania) really did a good job with the music as well! There are some really nice catchy tracks!

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