PDSaga first impressions

Hey all,

I started playing PDA a few weeks ago, since I got a more powerful laptop, Cassini works fine, with exceptions of voiceovers not loading, so sometimes the game stops (like before a boss) but overall the game seems to rock… I love the form changes, I even doubt that current technology could do something as visually interesting as this with today’s graphics. The whole combat engine is both strategic and full of action, and riding a dragon in an RPG is just awesome… the story is just beginning, so I can’t really rate it, but overall the game feels good enough to be played even by today’s standards (for the ones not minding the graphics).

Thats it for me… if someone could help me with my cassini problems, it would be great, but I’ll try a few things then I will try to switch to GiriGiri.


Cassini is GiriGiri. GiriGiri was an emulator that seemed promising but later on people thought it had stopped being developed. It turned out that they got a deal with Sega and it was (much) later distributed as an official emulator for games that you could pay and download from a Japanese website. Various hacks of that official version emerged soon after, cassini being one of them. You should try SSF instead and see if it does better.

But either way the experience just isn’t the same on a PC… You could always buy a cheap modded Saturn (I understand not wanting to buy the actual game because of its price), burn the game on CDs, and play it on that.

yeah I knew about cassini being GiriGiri, I’m just trying a few things right now. Like burning the CDs instead of emulating them with deamon tools… doesnt work either.

As for the modded saturn, I tried a while ago, and didn’t have any success… I can’t find any in my area, and as I’m 17, I can’t use Ebay (having parents with a deep distrust for E-commerce)… anyway, hehe telling you my life will lead me to nothing, I’ll keep your idea of trying SSF and a few other emu I found…

I just told you that because you said you’d try “switching to GiriGiri”. You already are using it, switching to some other hack (if you can even find one) won’t really make any difference as it’s mainly the work of one person which was then taken by other people who made a tweak or two and released it as their own work with different names…

For any Saturn emulator-related problems, be sure to check this topic:

panzerdragoon.net/forums/vie … php?t=1583

As Alex said, Cassini is basically just a repackaged GiriGiri, so any GiriGiri help in there should work for you. I’d personally also recommend SSF though, as (from the testing I’ve done so far) it seems much less buggy than the GiriGiri variants; because of what happened with GiriGiri’s development, it was essenially left in an unfinished state three years ago, and although SSF doesn’t emulate flawlessly yet either, it’s at least still being worked on and updated regularly by its creators:


I can never use Cassini or GiriGiri, because Saga doesn’t save, no matter how hard I try, or whatever technique i use.

But, I have my Sega Saturn connected, so it’s ok. :anjou_happy:

Latest tries:

Girigiri: doesn’t work, on any grapical settings.
SFF: doesn’t work neither, for some reason I don’t remember.
Cassini now works wonder, now that I’m on CD2 of PDS, no more voice-over glitches. Maybe am I lucky.

thanks for your help.

Edit: the fight I’ve had against Atolm was by far one of the most emotional I’ve had in an RPG up to date.