PDS vs PDO Music

Maybe it’s already been brought to light in a previous post, but as I was rocking the iPod today, I couldn’t help but notice that the track, Shellcoof on disc 1 of the PDS soundtrack had elements of Anu Orta Venya/Pain from the Orta soundtrack.

Has anyone else noticed this? It would be nice to think that the SmileBit team attempted to resurrect the spirit of Panzer Dragoon by interweaving familiar melodies.

Yup, you will also notice that City in The Storm, and the music used in the opening FMV, have the same drum rhythm, beat and tempo as Atolm Dragon’s theme - albeit played on different drums.

Also, if you put City in the Storm over the “Attract mode” FMV for Panzer Dragoon Saga, you will see that almost all of the cues in the music correspond to an on-screen action!

I personally, hear some of the Title Screen music from Zwei in Anu Orta Veniya (not an exact match, but there are very similar parts)