PDS Trailer(?)

Can someone point me to a place where I can download the Panzer Dragoon Saga trailer? And any other official videos perhaps (Like the segata sanshiro commercial of PDS)?
Note I’d like a download, not stream, I’m on dial up and I’d like to download it on higher quality than just stream the “56k” versions (and ofcourse I’m unable to stream the higher connection versions) that Gamespot offers for example…

Solo maybe after someone finds them you could host them on your videos section along with the music videos people have created?

Also, in case there are multiple trailers, I’m interested in the one that was quite lengthy and overlapped a lot of the game’s videos, the intro with the monsters, the dragon’s laser blasts and then his showing as he flapped upwards, azel in various scenes, the part that Azel falls from the sky and Edge catches her on the dragon, the part with the HUGE boss as you exit the Tower(?) of Uru (barely escaping the beast by reaching the elevator) and others… Though ofcourse any other trailers out there are good too :slight_smile:

I would like to see some of these trailers actually… The only thing i have is the PDS intro which i LOVE SO MUCH and can watch it all day.

In fact I don’t even remember any PDS trailers… probably cos I was a Saturn addict then and not a PC addict.

I was actually going to add some official videos to the videos section, but I’m not sure about that now since I don’t have a lot of webspace left and I’d rather save that for fan created movies.

However I do have some already uploaded. These are the only ones at the moment:

panzerdragoon.net/archives/a … erical.rar (I think this is the segata sanshiro commercial…)
panzerdragoon.net/archives/apdrpg_teaser.rar (this is the intro that plays before the title screen in PDS)

If there’s any others that you’re looking for, let me know. There’s a good chance that I have them saved somewhere on my computer (well, mainly Orta ones, but I’ll have a hunt for PDS ones later on).

The links don’t work for me… I wanted to get the Segata Sanshiro commercial…

Can you stream the high quality version of the PDS trailer available on Gamespot (the only trailer on there), save it somewhere (just find the file in your temporary internet files folder) and put it up for download? Or even send it to me via MSN messenger or DCC on IRC so that you don’t “waste” the site’s bandwidth (same for any other videos)? I’d appreciate it if any of those is possible…

Or if someone can find the high quality version of the trailer available for download and not stream that would be good too…

Thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:

Oh sorry, I typed the links wrong. I was in hurry to go out this morning, and in my haste forgot to add the “videos” bit in the URL. The correct links are:

panzerdragoon.net/videos/arc … erical.rar
panzerdragoon.net/videos/arc … teaser.rar

I think those are the ones you’re looking for, just let me know if they’re not. I’m on MSN as solo_wing_dragonNOSPAM@yahoo.co.nz so alternatively I could send files to you on there. Bandwidth isn’t really a problem, it’s just the amount of webspace that I’m allowed to use is limited, so I can’t fit them all on there at once.

Thanks Solo, you were right, that trailer is the one I was looking for, I just read your first post wrong and thought it’s the intro of the game, not that “collage” of videos shown before the real intro.

Thanks a ton!

And, yeah, that’s the Segata Sanshiro commercial, I love it lol!
You should find and download the Segata Sanshiro theme mp3, it rocks!
Se-gata San-shiro, Se-gata San-shiro, Sega Sa-turn - Shirooooooooooooo!!!

Thanks again Solo ^_^!

Yeah, it’s a great song for sure :slight_smile:

By the way, here are the other videos that I have uploaded, just in case anyone wants them:


I should thank Craymen for originally providing most of them.

Could ya separate which are official and which aren’t :slight_smile:
Is pdx pd genos? Cos I have that onem don’t wanna re-download :slight_smile:
Also do you think you could put up a screensaver section in TWOTA and add there KFC’s PDZ credits screensaver as well as those official PDO screensavers (if you can find them)? Or add them in the programs section?

From that list, these are the files officially produced by Sega (as far as I know):


The PDX trailer is that odd bit of footage for something that looks nearly-but-not-quite-like a Panzer Dragoon game, with the Tower music from PDS playing in the background. (I’ve never got around to finding out what it really is, though - does anyone know anything more about it?)

Thanks for all those files Solo Wing Dragon. :slight_smile:

Also, Solo, I have kept the files of the official Panzer Dragoon Orta flash game that was on the flash website that’s gone down now. I can send you the files if you wanna host it or even make a page for it.

apdrpg_japanese_commmercial.rar - The Segata Sanshiro ad.
apdrpg_teaser.rar - The intro before the title screen of PDS (featuring Atolm’s theme as the music)
pdo_american_commercial.rar - The ‘a girl imprisioned’ ad for PDO that came out in America.
pdo_japanese_commercial.rar - That werid Japanese ad of a girl yelling at the dragon.
pdo_tokyo_game_show_2001.rar - The first teaser trailer for PDO (when it was just called “Panzer Dragoon”)
pdx_fake_footage.rar - Like Lance said, it’s nearly but not quite Panzer. A fake most likely.

The other four are the four music videos made by The Sharp Edge, Nevey, Rune Lai, and Bluefoot.

How big were the screensavers? I don’t think I have them saved anywhere (although they might be on a CD somewhere). Also, we’d have to ask for Lord Craymen’s permission, and I’m not sure if he’d like me using them. When I asked to use the wallpaper from Die Welt, he said he’d rather they remained “rare” than for them to be hosted on TWotA.

The Flash game would be neat to host, I wonder if Sega of America would mind.

These are great ideas, by the way.